1 Year Old Baby Nutrition Chart Sample List

1 Year Old Baby What Location Expert Advice

Experts recommend not giving babies even water other than breast milk for the first 6 months. After 6 months, the baby can switch to complementary food and start eating many things that adults eat. Provide your baby with foods with high nutritional value that will support his or her growth and development. Examples are milk, eggs, legumes, and boiled meat. On the other hand, what are homemade soups (especially vegetable soups), fruit purees and yoghurt to feed 1 year old babies? It is one of the answers to the question. Eggs and meat products will meet its protein needs, while yogurt will be a calcium supplement, vegetables will be a vitamin and mineral support.

How Should 1 Year Old Baby Nutrition Be?

It should be well known and applied which foods should be included in 1 year old baby nutrition. In order for the baby to continue to grow and develop in a healthy way and not to lag socially, biologically and mentally, it is necessary to have both correct and adequate nutrition. While it is recommended to give only breast milk to babies in the first 6 months , after this period, the baby will start to need new foods. However, there is no such thing as the transition to supplementary food always occurs after 6 months. This can happen in the 4th month.

Milk, yogurt, eggs, chicken, meat and similar foods are among the most important sources of protein. These foods must be included in baby nutrition.

1 year old baby nutrition should also be rich in fiber foods. These reduce the risk of developing bowel diseases and heart disease. Foods containing fiber are fruits, vegetables, oats, legumes, whole wheat, rye and grain breads. Having these foods in children’s menus is very important for their health.

How should breakfast be in 1 year old baby feeding?

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to pay attention to every meal of babies. However, breakfast has a different place in feeding 1 year old babies. Your baby is old enough to consume what you eat. If you were giving your breakfast with foods that you prepared in the form of mash or mixture in the previous months, you should change this routine after the age of 1 and give him the habit of eating separately. You can make your baby love breakfast by trying another breakfast recipe every day.

1 year old baby breakfast may contain 1 matchbox cheese or 1 egg. 1-2 teaspoons of jam, molasses, peanut butter or honey is another flavor that can be in the breakfast of babies at this age. You should also be careful about drinking milk, at breakfast, milk may consume a little more than half a glass of milk. In addition to these, a few pitted olives, a few slices of tangerine or tomato, and 1 slice of bread can be given.


Eggs can be given to babies after the age of 1, along with its white. You can cook eggs by mixing them with a different ingredient, make an omelette, and prepare pancakes. You no longer need to separate the yolks, you can use a whole egg.


You can extract and give black olives and green olives seeds.


You can sweeten the mouth of your 1 year old baby with honey! Plain honey varieties are healthier for babies. Mixing honey is not recommended to be fed.


Cheeses that do not smell heavy, desalted / unsalted cheese should be preferred. Cheese made from a mixture of goat and cow’s milk, curd cheese and goat cheese are suitable. Care should be taken that it is light and does not contain salt.

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