10 Changes in Your Body and Soul After the Age of 30

You know that age 35 is half the way! Being aware of this situation, our body begins to undergo some changes when we are only 30 years old. While some of these are changing positively, others are an indication that we are beginning to age. After the age of 30, we have researched and compiled for you, both physical and mental changes that our bodies experience. Whether you are younger than 30 or older, it is your greatest right to know what you will or have experienced! 😊 Here are 10 changes we have experienced after the age of 30 …

1. Your brain gets smaller


Contrary to popular belief, our brain does not grow with age, on the contrary it gets smaller. 😊 Our brain loses about 50 thousand neurons a day after the age of 30. This causes some areas to shrink. Although our brain manages this situation for a while, unfortunately, after the age of 40, our memory begins to be affected.

2.You sweat less.


Especially women start to sweat less after the age of 30. The reason for this is that the sweat glands, most of which are under the armpit, shrink. Since shrinking sweat glands lose their sensitivity, they reduce sweat production.

3.You have less colds


After the age of 30, you start to have less cold. Even if you do, you will not have much of problems such as coughing and sneezing. Especially when you reach middle age, your immunity becomes much stronger than a young person, as you have had many diseases over and over.

4. Your sense of taste is weakened


Your sense of taste may decrease with age. Therefore, you may not like to eat as much as before. 😊 Most people lose a large part of their taste buds, especially after the age of 60. A similar situation is valid for our sense of smell.

5.Your muscle mass decreases


One of the most obvious effects of aging is the loss of muscle mass. Most of us grow weaker as we get older. This causes a reduction in muscle mass of 3% to 6% each year.

6.Your metabolism is balanced


Studies confirm that our metabolism stabilizes as we age. So after the age of 30, you should not forget that your metabolism does not work as fast as before. If you create an ideal diet, it will be much easier to keep your weight stable after this point.

7.Your personality settles down and you get to know yourself much better.


The most beautiful change ever! 😍 The years of adolescence pass by with various emotions. In our 20s, we try to prove something to ourselves and to our environment. The 30s are the ages at which we finally find peace. Now you can take a deep breath and look at the future peacefully.

8.Your nails grow slower


Research confirms that nail growth slows down with age. Especially after the age of 65, this elongation rate decreases considerably. Experts interpret the reason for this change as the slowdown in blood pressure.

9.Your tooth sensitivity decreases


Yes you did not read wrong! After the age of 30, your tooth sensitivity decreases. Of course, if you took good care of your teeth in your adolescence and 20s. 😊 The main reason for the decrease in sensitivity is the gradual strengthening of the hard inner tissue in your teeth. This strengthening provides a decrease in sensitivity.

10. You feel happier


Another change is about our happiness! Our outlook on life as a child is much more positive. Over time, this positivity starts to decrease and may leave its place to despair in the 20s. Although aging is considered a period of “decline” by some, research shows the opposite! Many studies confirm that we feel happier as we get older.

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