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10 Steps To Follow For Those Who Want To Cope With Childhood Traumas

As we get older, we begin to realize better the effects of the events we experienced in our childhood on our character. Although we can immediately make sense of some events, it will be much more difficult to make sense of others than we think. Traumas vary greatly from person to person. An event that hits someone may not make sense to you. Regardless of the subject, we have to overcome these traumas for a healthier and happier life! So what are the steps you should take to deal with your childhood traumas? Here is a guide to dealing with childhood traumas in 10 steps we have compiled for you.

1. Find it


Think about what happened when you were little. The event you experienced may be more important than you think. Of course, it is possible that what left a mark on you was a very small event. So before you deal with your childhood trauma, you have to determine what it is.

2.Keep your feet firmly on the ground


In such moments, it is very important to keep your feet firmly on the ground. You must be calm to be able to evaluate the process in a healthy way.

Step by step, take your time


Take a step-by-step look at the event you are trying to tackle. What exactly happened, why did it happen, or did something different from what you thought? Check them out.

4. Get to the source of the events


At this point, you have to get down to what happened. Why did this happen to you, who is the one to blame, someone / somebody you should have taken out of your life before is still in your life? Concentrate on the answers to these questions.

5. Feel it with all your might

with childhood traumas

Don’t mask your emotions. Experience the emotions that all these experiences reveal to you. This is proof that you no longer have to run away and it is time to face them!

6.Share your experiences with your loved ones.

with childhood traumas

If you feel ready to talk about this topic, contact someone who cares about you. There are people around you who want you to feel better and who love you. Let them help you!

7.Leave yourself

with childhood traumas

Once you’ve completed all the steps up to here, let it go! Don’t try to reconnect with your trauma, let it flow with the help of meditation. Yes, we know that this is not something you can completely forget, but from this point on, you are ready to leave everything behind!

8. start over

with childhood traumas

Another way to deal with childhood trauma is to start over. Go back and find new topics / events where you can heal yourself, your soul. One day you will realize that you have come a long way when you improve everything.

9. Throw the rest off!

with childhood traumas

When you heal yourself in everything you need, get rid of the little things that annoy you! Not even worth wasting your time for them. There are lots of cool things you can do for yourself from this point forward!

10. Your Return

with childhood traumas

We know that transformation is inevitable. You are now in a better spot both mentally and physically. You deserve this transformation. Time to be proud of yourself!

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