10 Style Mistakes We Make in Everyday Life That Prevent Us From Looking Stylish

We all try to take care of our clothing and appearance in daily life while going to work or going out. But sometimes, no matter how stylish we want to look, the little style mistakes we make make us look very different than we imagined. So what should be done to avoid making these mistakes? Of course, knowing what we shouldn’t do!

If we know the style mistakes we should avoid in daily life; We can always capture the image we want. Here are those mistakes that veil our elegance!

1.Suit with flat shoes

Flat shoes can make your ankles appear thicker, which can make your legs look like wide pillars. Especially for a business suit that should look elegant, flat shoes are not suitable at all. In that case, try your preference for stilettos, or at least some heels.

2.Long tops with jeans


Wearing a long narrow top over the jeans makes your silhouette look very long. Tops like this make a pretty strange look, especially with shorts. So tucking your narrow and long tops into your jeans will look much nicer. If that’s not your style, try wearing more baggy tops.

3.Prefering a bulky bag for invitations


Bulky bags are useful bags that are preferred all over the world. You can pair them with a casual style or with a business style. However, if you are going to a restaurant or a club, you should choose smaller models. In such cases, choosing a bulky bag is not very suitable.

4. Ankle boots with short skirts


Ankle boots rarely go well with skirts. This type of shoes visually causes the legs to be shortened. This undesirable effect is further exacerbated by a short skirt. Therefore, wearing classic flat shoes or long boots with short skirts will help you get a more elegant look.

5. Many “abundant” items at once


Abundant items in the same boiler; hides all the parts that are intended to be apparent such as waist, hips and chest If you like to wear loose items, choose to use this in one area only. This way your appearance will be more balanced.

6.Tights with short shorts


Shorts are considered a summer wear that doesn’t need any attachments. Thick, glittery or other shaped socks create a peculiar appearance when worn with shorts. So instead, choose to wear the shorts during the appropriate seasons.

7.Tulip skirts


This type of skirt is suitable if it is low waist. But high waisted tulip skirts only look good when you’re standing straight. When moving, they create the illusion of a protruding tummy even if you are a thin person. So instead of this kind of skirts, try to wear more classic models.

8.Big shoes


Large shoes often create an unpleasant appearance. It is better to shop for shoes early in the day, because your feet can get tired and swollen by the end of the day. This may result in a shoe that is larger than your foot size.

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You have to be very careful when wearing these types of pieces because they can make your neck appear shorter. So if you are someone who avoids open-necked clothes, instead of wearing turtlenecks; try providing this image with a scarf.

10. Jeans that don’t fit properly


Jeans tend to be loose in general. If a pair of jeans is loose even the first time you try it on, it will make you look even more shapeless after a while. Therefore, you should eliminate this risk by choosing jeans that fit you perfectly.

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