10 Tips to Apply Foundation (Beauticians Reported)

Foundation, this name is French font de teintThe meaning is smooth. Foundation is called make-up materials used to equalize the color tone in skin make-up, hide acne, color difference and dark spots on the skin. Liquid, solid, foam and powder foundations are on sale in the market. In this article, we will give you information about the tricks of applying foundation.

one- Make sure that the foundation brush and sponge you use to apply the foundation to your skin are clean and sterile.. Never share these ingredients with others, otherwise you may encounter many skin problems such as acne, eczema on the skin, and fungus.

2- Before applying the foundation to your face, wash your face and dry it with a towel. Then apply a moisturizer or makeup base on your face. The use of moisturizer before foundation both makes it easier to apply the foundation to the skin and increases its permanence.

3- While applying the foundation to your face, be careful to apply it in a thin layer.. Intensive application of foundation makes the person look older than they are and makes skin imperfections more noticeable. It also makes make-up look bad, as if he’s wearing a mask on his face.


4- If your skin has dilated pores, foundations with filling material and silicone are the ideal foundation type for you. Thus, you will not need to use large amounts of foundation to hide pores.

5- Your skin type is very important in choosing a foundation. If your skin is oily skin, oily foundations are not suitable for you. You can choose water-based or self-powdered, matte foundations. If you have dry skin, moisturizing foundations are ideal for you. If you have a combination skin, you can buy foundations that we call clour adapt that adapts to the skin color and type.

6- To see if the color of the foundation is compatible with your skin color, you can apply the tester foundation product to the chin area.


7- If you want the foundation to remain smooth on your skin, you should apply it with brushes or sponges specially designed for foundation applications, not with your hands.

8- While applying the foundation, rub speckles on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Start with a small amount and add if necessary, so you can avoid excessive use of foundation.

9- After applying the foundation evenly all over your face, applying some foundation to your neck and décolleté and even your ears will eliminate the tonal differences between your face and these limbs and prevent the foundation you wear from looking like a mask.

10- If you accidentally applied too much foundation to your face, you can remove the excess with a moist sponge.

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