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10 valuable face wash rules for your skin health

10 valuable face wash rules for your skin health

The benefits of facial washing are not counted. But if we don’t do it correctly, it’s the damages!

“Face to wash, my dear!” We’re all washing down our face to remove dirt, dust, and other things. But actually face wash is one of the important steps in skin care . And unfortunately many of us do not do this right step, we can not!

Wrong washing of your face may cause dryness, irritation, fatigue, acne, wrinkles, premature sagging and many skin problems .

However , you can wash your face in a way that is suitable for your daily skin care and you can enjoy a youthful looking skin! Come on! How to wash face? What are the mistakes?

Do not wash your face very often:

Very frequent washing of your skin causes irritation and dryness . But you should always wash twice a day. The first is to clean up the dirt and bacteria accumulated in the mornings, the second before going to bed at night.

If you want to wash your face between these times, choose not to use water. Instead, you can choose a lot of facial tissues. However, this product should not be too much use.

Do not rinse your face with hot water:

It can be very comforting to rinse your face with hot water, especially during the winter months. But hot water dries your skin. In addition, excessive cold water irritates your skin and makes capillaries clear.

It is best to rinse with warm water at room temperature. This helps your skin stay healthy. Before forget; Do not wash your face with water that is not suitable for drinking. So either a filtered or drinkable water is required.

Do not remove your makeup by washing your face:

Washing your face with a cleanser is a great way to remove the skin’s make-up and other dust particles, but it is never enough. So remove your makeup before washing your face. This way, the cleanser acts deeply into the pores of your skin.

You can also use a homemade cleaner to clean your makeup. This can be coconut oil or olive oil. Pour any of these oils into cotton and gently wipe off the make-up residue. Pay extra attention to your eye makeup!

And never sleep with your makeup! This will cause serious damage to your skin.

Do not use the wrong cleaners:

Unfortunately, most of us can’t choose the right cleaner. And cleaners do more harm than good. As each skin needs to be different, always choose a cleaner for your skin type.

A good cleanser leaves the skin’s natural oils on the skin, helping to remove dirt and makeup. Your skin should stay moist and healthy after using the cleanser.

Avoid soap-containing cleaners, because it can purify your skin from natural oils and cause irritation. Those with sensitive citles may prefer cleaners containing tranquilizers such as green tea.

Wash your face after removing your makeup:

If you do not rinse your skin thoroughly after applying the makeup remover , it may damage your skin. Despite the cleaner, any residues left on your skin can clog pores and dry the skin. Moreover, the skin cleanser will attract much more dirt.

Until you are sure that all cleansers come out of your skin; Rinse the hairline, neck and nose edges thoroughly.

Avoid hurrying!

Exfoliate is quite important:

Exfoliating (skin, dirt and degreasing) is an important step for healthy skin. Helps you get rid of dead skin cells, stimulates skin cell regeneration, improves skin texture and tone, making skin look younger and healthier.

You can do this with a natural mask. Mix an equal amount of sugar and honey; and add a few drops of olive oil. Gently rub your face using your fingertips. Rinse with warm water after waiting for 5 minutes. Take care to do this once a week.

Do not wash your face with dirty hands:

Many people wash their hands without washing their hands. But if you want to have healthy and flawless skin , don’t do it!

When you wash your face with your dirty hands, the dirt in your hand is transferred to your face. Make sure your hands are clean before washing your face.

Do not dry too hard with your towel:

Most of us, after washing our face with a very strong towel face. Permanent friction and abrasion cause natural oils to rub off from your skin and cause irritation and drying.

If you use the pouch, you should be aware of:

If you apply a pouch on your face, make sure it is clean. Do not leave it moist. The damp cloth is quickly contaminated and can easily place impurities in your skin. This may cause acne and stains.

Take care to wash your pouch daily after use. Use a mild detergent when washing your spoon. Also keep your pouch in a dry place and do not share it with anyone!

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after washing your face:

Most people do not apply moisturizer after washing their face. When you wash your face, natural moisture goes in a way; it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to help maintain natural moisture.

Immediately after washing your face, you can apply a mild moisturizer. When selecting your moisturizer, be absolutely sure that it suits your skin. For example, those with oily skin may give priority to oil-free and water-based moisturizers.

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