10 wrongs known about dental health

Noting that there is not enough awareness about oral and dental health in our country, Dentist Recep Eşkar, “Disorders in mouth and dental diseases can negatively affect functional functions such as nutrition, chewing problems, taste, laughter, laughter, sleep and speech. Depending on these, weakening in social relations, shyness, loss of self-confidence, anxiety and psychosocial consequences such as depression can occur ” said.


Well known mistakes

Dentist Eşkar gave the following information about the wrongly known facts about oral and dental health, which greatly affect our overall health:

1- Using a hard toothbrush makes the teeth white.

False! Because the important thing is not the hardness of the brush, but the brushing technique. The toothbrush should be made of synthetic bristle. The ends should end properly. Hard brushes irritate the gums, damage the enamel of our teeth and create sensitivity in the teeth. The ends should end properly. Too hard brushes irritate the gum. Brush bristles should be changed as soon as they are worn (average every 6 months).

2- It is very normal to have tooth loss in pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience tooth loss.

False! Unfortunately, the idea that “every child takes a tooth” is a common belief in our country. However, this is not true. This is not the case for a mother-to-be who does oral care correctly and regularly.

3- Dental treatment during pregnancy is inconvenient for the baby.

False! Dental treatments requiring urgency can be done in every period of pregnancy, the baby does not mind.

4- If the child’s teeth are pulled with a needle, it will not come out again.

False! Milk teeth start from the 6th month and continue until the age of 3. Permanent teeth begin to appear at the age of 6 and are completed at the age of 12-13. The important thing here is which tooth is pulled out, it is not important to pull the tooth with a needle or something else.

5- Milk teeth do not matter as permanent teeth will be replaced later.

False! The most important task of milk teeth is to ensure proper nutrition of the child. The proper development of speech also depends on milk teeth. Milk teeth have a place for permanent teeth that will replace them with the area they cover. For these reasons, milk teeth are very important.

6- It is necessary to have it done after cleaning the tartar once.

False! In dental calculus cleaning, substances (plaque, calculus) that do not belong to the tooth surface are cleaned. A person who does not have a dental calculus cleaning can not notice the dental stones that have accumulated on their teeth, but the change in the teeth that have not been brushed for a few days after cleaning is immediately noticeable. In other words, the formation of dental stones is unavoidable, unless the teeth are cleaned or cleaned, and the mouth and teeth are not maintained.

7- Perplexed teeth can only recover at a young age.

False! Perplexed teeth can be smoothed at any age. Wire treatment will be applied to people of all ages, and patients who do not find wire treatment aesthetic can have smooth teeth thanks to invisible wires.

8- It is normal for the gums to bleed when brushing the teeth.

False! Bleeding gums when brushing teeth is not a normal condition and is the most important symptom of gingivitis. It is necessary to apply to the dentist immediately.

9- It is necessary to put aspirin on the aching tooth.

False! Aspirin is a pain reliever, but its effect occurs when taken by mouth and mixed with blood. Aspirin placed on the tooth does not relieve your pain, it also increases your suffering. Because it hurts your gum.

10- Bad breath occurs in everyone and does not pass.

False! Dental caries, gum disease, aphthae, incompatible and poorly used prostheses and dry mouth, digestive system disorders, can occur as a result of tonsillitis. Halitosis can be prevented after treatment of the aforementioned diseases, which is the main cause of bad breath.

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