11 Nutrients You Should Avoid For A More Vivid and Smoother Skin

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much the food we consume harms our skin. In fact, many foods that we consider innocent cause great damage to our skin. Especially the ones we never knew about! We have researched and compiled the foods you should avoid for a more vibrant and smoother skin. If you want to get rid of your wrinkles, you have to say goodbye to these foods as soon as possible! You can click here to learn our other tips about skin care. Here are 11 foods you should avoid to have a smoother skin.

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1. Instant soups


Instant soups, whether powdered or canned, contain high amounts of sodium. When we consume these products, we exceed the amount of sodium we normally consume. This causes our body to dehydrate and our skin to dry. You know that dry skin means wrinkles!

2. Instant juices / smoothies


Although instant fruit juice is thought to be an innocent drink, it is actually a full sugar store. Consuming too much sugar affects collagen production and your skin structure. When collagen production decreases, the skin cannot keep itself young and elastic. If you want to have a fresh and firm skin, you need to say goodbye to ready-made fruit juices as soon as possible.

3.Energy drinks


Energy drinks; Contains taurine. Taurine is the sulfur amino acid found in the brain, heart, retina and muscles. It has many important functions for health. It helps the movements of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium in the body. Since taurine is an amino acid that a healthy body can produce, its consumption in the form of supplements can be harmful to both the skin and the body. According to the latest research, it has not been determined that taurine is completely safe.

4. Fried foods


We know that fried foods are also harmful to health. However, there is something else we do not know! Consuming fried foods increases the inflammatory compounds in our body, which both wears our skin and invites skin problems such as acne and acne.

5. Vegetable oils


Vegetable oils wear out our skin because they contain trans fats. This causes our skin to be unable to protect itself from UV rays. As a result of all this, what remains for us is deep wrinkles and sun spots! It’s time to say goodbye to sunflower oil, which is often used in Turkish cuisine, and it is passing!

6.Dried fruits

smooth skin

Of course, we are not talking about the dried fruits you prepare at home! 😊 Ready dried fruits that look like a healthy snack contain lots of sugar. In addition, we should not forget that dried fruits contain sulfates. Sulfate can cause wrinkles by increasing the level of free radicals in our body.

7.Past rice

smooth skin

Considered to be a healthy snack, rice cakes actually have a high glycemic index. This means they are broken down by our body in the same way as sugar. Too much sugar in our body can increase the signs of aging as it reduces the amount of collagen.


smooth skin

Thought to be healthier than butter when first introduced, margarines contain high amounts of polyunsaturated fat. Frequent consumption of margarine can dry your skin and increase the signs of aging, you should be careful.

9. Pasta

smooth skin

Processed carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice and bread are among the foods that damage your skin. These foods, which negatively affect collagen production, cause you to have a more dull and wrinkled skin.

10. Agave syrup

smooth skin

Agave syrup, one of the most popular foods of recent times, is a honey alternative that is frequently consumed abroad. Agave syrup, which can cause cell damage when consumed frequently, can cause age spots in this way.

11. Fruit yogurts

smooth skin

These yogurts, which we think are healthy because they are fruity, actually contain high amounts of sugar. These foods, which negatively affect the production of collagen, cause our skin to lose its elasticity. For a smooth skin, you should stay away from these yogurts.

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