11 tips to be the winner of the discussions


People don’t always have to agree with each other. So how can you have a constructive discussion with someone you disagree with? “ How to Disagree: A Beginner’s Guide to Having Better Arguments ”

Timandra Harkness, who wrote a book called (How to Protest: A Better Discussion Guide for Beginners), contrary to the general belief, sometimes having a discussion with someone you disagree with can sometimes bring positive results and unexpected gains. Here are 11 tricks that experts agree. . .


1. Listen well to what others are saying: In the most exciting moment of the discussion, we usually do not listen to what others say in order to tell our own pasture. However, you should never ignore what the other person is saying. Claire Fox, Director of Academy of Ideas in London, “The argument of the other party is assumed to be totally invalid and unacceptable in the discussion” says. However, listening to what the other party said in the discussion can give you a different perspective and information on the topic, as well as improve your own position.


2. Try to empathize: The issue lies in understanding what the other person is saying, not actually what they want to say. “People take a position in the discussion and put themselves in the trench, and as a result, the discussion results in a fight,” says behavioral scientist Kris De Meyer from King’s College London. Experts say the way for the discussion to be fruitless is to understand what the other side wants to say and to empathize.


3. Repeat what the other person says: Kris De Meyer, “Disagreements generally deepen due to misunderstandings “. According to Kris De Meyer, the way to overcome this is the person opposite you. “huh, I’m trying to say that too” is to make sure that you repeat what you say and understand correctly.

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