12 big mistakes made right and wrong during the diet process

Dieters go through all kinds of difficulties during the dieting process. While some people get positive results at the end of the diet, others stay at their current weight or gain even more weight. Dietitian Melis Kara stated that the biggest reason for the negative result of the diet is the known mistakes.

12 Misconceptions About Diet

Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist Clinical Dietitian Melis Kara stated that the reason why people on diets cannot reach their target weight is due to some mistakes made in the diet. Melis Kara continued her words as follows;


“Many dieters want to reach a healthy weight and have a fit appearance.. However, as a result of some mistakes he made during the diet process, he stays at his weight instead of being able to drop to the desired weight. The main reason for these errors is hearsay news. In other words, the person transfers the wrong information to someone else as if it is correct information, without researching the essence of what he heard. In short, as a result of the misinformation circulating among the people, the diet of the person results in negativity.” Melis Kara has listed the information that everyone knows to be true, but which is wrong;

1) Skipping Breakfast

The information that skipping breakfast is not a problem is wrong. Because breakfast has a different place in the diet. In order to control weight and prevent sudden hunger, breakfast should be made. You don’t need to have breakfast with eggs, cheese, olives, instead, you can skip a meal with coffee with milk or a glass of milk with fruit. The purpose of breakfast; The person’s metabolism is activated immediately after waking up in the morning, so breakfast should be made absolutely.


2) Being Addicted to Brown Bread

Consume brown bread when you are on a diet, because the information that it does not gain weight is wrong. Almost everyone prefers to eat brown bread instead of white bread in the diet. However, it should be noted that brown bread is in the same basket with white bread in terms of calories. Only brown bread gives a feeling of satiety compared to white bread. It is true that consuming brown bread in the diet does not cause weight gain, but prevents hunger as it gives a feeling of satiety.


3) Skipping Meals

The information that skipping meals during the day helps to lose weight faster is wrong. Because a person who eats two meals a day becomes more hungry and his metabolism slows down. A snack should be made between breakfast and lunch, and a snack between lunch and dinner. In order for the metabolism to work continuously, meals should not be skipped and snacks should be made.


4) Starving on a Diet

The information that you lose weight by being hungry is wrong. It is normal to lose weight because the body is already starving. However, the method of losing weight by being hungry is not healthy at all. With the fact that it is not healthy, weight gain begins as soon as you start eating. Because when one wants to lose weight by being hungry, the person thinks that he has lost weight, but water and muscle go from the body. Since the fat in the body does not go away, the person starts to gain the weight he lost. It is wrong to choose the way of starvation to lose weight, on the contrary, snacks should be made during the day so that the metabolism will always work…


5) Exercising on an empty stomach makes you lose weight

The information that the person does when he/she is hungry allows him to lose weight faster is wrong. Because, while doing sports, insulin secretion of the person increases, so sports done while hungry cause blood sugar to drop. The person will feel uncomfortable with the decrease in blood sugar. For this reason, the person should do sports at the latest two hours after eating. It should be done half an hour after eating at the earliest.


6) Thinking Olive Oil Has No Calories

Olive oil has no calories, so the unlimited consumption information is wrong. Because olive oil is not calorie free. 1 teaspoon of olive oil contains an average of 45 calories. Therefore, care should be taken when consuming olive oil. If olive oil is consumed too much, it causes the person to gain weight.


7) Believing Light Products Are Calorie-Free

The information that light products consumed in the diet have no calories is wrong. Because light products are not products that contain no calories, they are only products with less calories. Some diet products have more calories and less salt. Or, it has a sweetener instead of sugar, but the fat and flour ratio is high. Therefore, light products alone do not weaken, they only help to weaken.


8) Consuming Lots of Fruit

The information that plenty of fruit should be consumed while on a diet is also wrong. Among the foods that should be consumed in the diet, vegetables should be given weight first and then care should be taken to consume fruits. The place of fruit in the diet should be in a certain amount. Although the sugar in the fruit does not harm the diet, the fruit should be consumed in a controlled manner. Consuming fruit without paying attention to the portion size can do more harm than good to one’s diet.


9) Ignoring Carbs

The information that carbohydrate products should not be eaten while dieting is incorrect. Because it is carbohydrates that give energy to a healthy body. Removing carbohydrate foods from the diet list means depriving the body of energy.. As such, the body has to use the energy from the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. In this case, there is no decrease in the fat ratio in the body, and at the same time, it causes the person to gain even more weight when they switch to the normal eating period.


10 ) Eating Only Protein-Based

The information that including protein-based foods in the diet list allows my person to lose weight in a healthy way is also wrong. Yes, a protein-rich diet spends a lot of energy to digest proteins, which accelerates weight loss. But because protein foods also contain a lot of fat, blood lipids increase, which can lead to coronary heart disease and gout. At the same time, eating a high protein diet also leads to osteoporosis. Therefore, one should not overdo it while consuming protein-rich foods.


11) Herbal Teas Weaken

The information that herbal teas in the diet weakens is also wrong.. Because no herbal tea weakens when drunk alone. However, it speeds up the metabolism. In order to benefit from the debilitating effect of herbal tea, a person must have a healthy diet, pay attention to the amount of food they eat or exercise physically.


12) Evening Snacks Build Weight

The perception that snacking after 6 in the evening makes you gain weight is also wrong. Because the next meal of a person who sleeps after six in the evening without snacking will be the morning of the next day. And since there will be a very long period of time from the evening until the next morning, the blood sugar of the person drops and his metabolism slows down. For this reason, the person should leave a gap of 3-5 hours between all meals, including breakfast. After 3 to 5 hours between meals, it doesn’t matter what time the person ate for the last time.


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