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13 Signs Used for Interesting Purposes

We are sure that many of you think that you have encountered almost every punctuation mark until now. But soon your thoughts will change a lot! 😊 Although these signs are not used much in our language, and even in the world in general, they are definitely worth learning! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll want to use these punctuation marks. 😊 Here are weird punctuation marks that have quite different purposes …

1. Interrobang


Interrobang, a combination of exclamation and question mark, means exactly this:?! 😊 It is not difficult to understand why this punctuation mark, invented by Martin Speckter in 1962, did not spread. Do you see how hard it is to write? 😪

2. Rhetorical question mark


Used by Henry Denham in the 16th century, this punctuation mark is known as the rhetorical question mark. And of course rhetorical is put at the end of questions.

3.The irony sign


This sign of irony, the idea of ​​the British philosopher John Wilkins, is put at the end of, as you can imagine, ironic sentences. Of course, let’s not go without saying that the sign of irony has gained different forms over the years.

4. Love point


Consisting of two symmetrical question marks, this punctuation mark is known as the point of love. It is put at the end of the sentences expressing love and devotion.

5. Praise point


Let’s continue with this punctuation mark saying praise and good wishes! For example, you can use this sign after the sentence “I am very glad to see you”.

6. Point of certainty


Do you want to show that you have unwavering faith in what you are expressing? Then let’s introduce you to one of the most interesting punctuation marks, the point of precision! 😊

7.Subtle point


For the point of doubt, which looks like a mixture of Z and the question mark, we can say that it is the opposite of the certainty point we mentioned above. It contains a skeptical approach, you can understand.

8.Authority point


Do you think you are the authority on something or do you believe your suggestions should be taken seriously? Then the authority point is for you!

9. SarcMarc


Created by Douglas Sak, this punctuation mark is used to punctuate sarcastic sentences. This strange sign, which entered our lives in 2010, also has an advertisement of its own! 😊

10.Curious promise point


The sarcastic promise point, which functions just like SarcMarc, was created by Choz Cunningham in 2007. The good thing about SarcMarc is that it can be written much more easily.

11.Three asterisks


These stars, taking the shape of a triangle, indicate an important length without reference. So we are not quite sure what it will be used for. 🤨

12th and 13th with comma exclamation and comma question mark


According to the Huffington Post, these punctuation marks were created by Leonard Storch, Ernst van Haagen, and Sigmund Silber. If we need to explain their purpose briefly, we can say that they add a little more emotion and sincerity to the sentences.

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