17 simple ways to help you spend less money every day


We all want to spend less money and increase our savings. However, it is not always easy to do this. Especially when we see shoes that we like or when we have fun with our friends, we can forget about saving. However, it is possible to save high amounts of money with a few simple changes in our lives. Here are 17 steps to guide you. . .

1. Stay away from the coffee shops: Before you go to work every day, the coffee you drink may be indispensable because it awakens you. However, if you buy this coffee from a coffee shop every day, you spend a lot of money. Instead of buying your coffee constantly, buy a stylish coffee thermos and prepare your coffee yourself. Remember that you will save between 15 and 20 lira per day.

2- Learn manicure and pedicure and apply your nail polish yourself: Another activity that we constantly spend money on, what to deal with, is manicure and pedicure. However, you can handle this work yourself with a good manicure set. You can save more than 100 lira per month by applying your nail polish yourself.

3- Cook at home: Learn simple, healthy and delicious recipes. Instead of ordering from outside or eating out, you can cook your meals yourself and keep the high coins on the sidelines. Do not forget! With the money you spend on ordering 1 meal, you can exchange materials that will take you from the market for a few days.

4- Take your lunch with you: If you are working and having lunch outside every day, you can increase your savings with a lunch you will prepare at home. If preparing food every day challenges you, you can still save some money by determining some days of the week.

5- Get the piggy bank: The smallest of savings is not the biggest. Get yourself a piggy bank like you used in your childhood and throw at least 1 lira every day or put the defects in your wallet every day. You will be surprised at the money accumulated after a while.

6- Get a water bottle: People working in crowded working environments such as plazas may have to meet their own water needs. Instead of buying bottled water every day, buy yourself a beautiful and stylish water bottle and take your water from your home.

7- Save on invoices: Always keep lights and electronic appliances off that you are not using at home. Take measures to reduce your water consumption. Small declines in invoices help you save substantial amounts of money at the end of the year.

8- Buy the items you do not use: Sell items that you no longer use in your closet, kitchen or office on online second-hand sites. In this way, you can both earn money and create resources to buy what you need.

9- Follow the discounts: Whether it’s a dress or grocery shopping. Waiting for discounts will always help you save money. You can increase your savings by listing your needs and following the discounts.

10- Do not go shopping without making a shopping list: Before shopping, think about what you really need and go shopping with this list. Make sure you buy a maximum of 2 items for your needs that you do not remember and stick to your list.

11- Think twice before taking a taxi: Sometimes it is necessary to take a taxi in big cities, but let’s be honest, we often use taxis for laziness. We use taxis even for walking distances or places that we can quickly reach by metro. Therefore, think twice before taking a taxi and evaluate the alternatives.

12- Stop smoking: Smoking is the most serious problem that causes you to lose money constantly. By quitting smoking, you both reduce your daily expenses and protect the money you will spend for long-term health problems. The biggest gain is a healthy body.

13- Evaluate alternatives instead of expensive brands: Alternative brands may apply to shampoos, creams, detergents and many other products you can think of. Increase your savings with good quality cheaper products that do the same thing as the expensive brands you are used to.

14- Review your subscriptions: Review paid subscriptions, from phone to TV to internet. Unsubscribe from subscriptions that we don’t really use or need.

15- Buy wholesale: It may be much more profitable to buy some products we use at home than retail. You can use the wholesale markets or websites on the internet, especially for materials that do not deteriorate, such as paper products.

16- Follow the free activities: You don’t always have to spend high money to socialize. You can also socialize by doing free activities with your friends. With free festivals, museum trips, picnics, outdoor sports activities, you can both spend pleasant time and spend less.

17- Think 5 seconds before buying: Think 5 seconds before attempting to buy something and think if you really need it.

blank Ways of spending and saving money write down every penny. . .

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