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17 Week Pregnancy Symptoms Baby ultrasound image

17 Week Pregnancy Symptoms Baby ultrasound image

I’m 17 weeks pregnant. What changes occur in the mother and baby in 17 weeks of pregnancy, 17-week-old baby gender is the error? If you are wondering, here is the information given by Doctors on this subject;

17 Week Pregnancy What is the height and weight of the baby?Gynecologist Cem Ficicioglu Tells

In 17 weeks of pregnancy, the baby weighs between 100 and 150 grams. This week the baby’s height is 14 cm.

17 Week Pregnancy How Many Months?

  1. 17 weeks of pregnancy how many months? = 3 You are 29 days pregnant.
  2. 17 weeks 1 day of pregnancy how many months? = 4 months pregnant.
  3. 17 weeks 2 days of pregnancy how many months? = You are 1 month pregnant.
  4. 17 weeks 3 days of pregnancy how many months? = You are 4 months pregnant.
  5. 17 weeks 4 months of pregnancy how many months? = You are 3 months pregnant.
  6. 17 weeks 5 days of pregnancy how many months? = You are 4 days pregnant.
  7. 17 weeks 6 days of pregnancy how many months? = 4 Monthly 5 days pregnant.

17 Week Pregnancy in the development of the baby? Female Doctors Explains

  1. The 17th week of pregnancy is considered to be the fastest week of growth during all pregnancy. The baby is about 17 centimeters long at the end of this week and reaches an average weight of 140 grams. These are general dimensions, 1-2 units may be missing or more. We can say your baby is an average onion size right now.
  2. In the 17th week of gestation, because the baby’s organs have developed, we can clearly see the face, arms, legs and feet in ultrasound.
  3. The baby’s skin under the baby’s 17th week with the appearance of your baby’s appearance now has gained human appearance. This week the baby’s muscle structure and movement will also develop.
  4. The heart rate of the 17-week-old baby was accelerated. The heart of the baby pumps 30-40 liters of blood so that almost so many blood pumps are pumped per day. Due to this situation, the pulse is also very fast. At 17 weeks, the baby’s heart beats 140-150 times per minute.
  5. During the 17th week of gestation, the lungs of the baby develop even better and the airways work well enough to relax the baby. Even your baby’s chest is now starting to make breathing movements
  6. The baby’s swallowing, sucking and blinking reflexes are also evolving this week.
  7. This week of pregnancy, the baby’s hair, eyebrows and eyelashes grow longer. He can open his mouth. He can still close his eyes.
  8. This week, the umbilical cord, which allows the baby to connect to the mother and continue its life, has become stronger and thicker.
  9. During the 17th week of pregnancy, the bones are ready for calcium storage. For this reason, it is very important to feed the mother with calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products, yogurt, cheese and cheddar.
  10. 17-week-old baby gender is wrong? At the 17th week, it is possible to understand the sex of the baby by means of ultrasound, but the factors such as the experience of the specialist, the quality of the device, and the stance of the baby in the womb are effective in order to learn the sex of the baby.
  11. At the 17th week, the baby can now keep his head slightly steeper. Her body continues to develop in a balanced manner.
  12. The eyes of the 17-week-old baby are looking forward, but are still half-closed.
  13. If your 17-week-old baby is male, the prostate continues to form.
  14. During the 17th week of pregnancy, your baby’s skeleton begins to turn from the cartilage to the bone. Bones will remain flexible to pass through the birth canal.
  15. Baş Meconium ın, a substance that contains digestive wastes and swallowed amniotic fluid, begins to accumulate in the intestines. The oily substance of this greenish-brownish color will be the first feces of your baby. However, it will collect the feces in the intestines and will be excreted by defecation after the baby is born.
  16. In the 17th week of pregnancy, soft folds begin to form on the baby’s fingers and heels, and these curves have become more visible.

How Are Maternal Candidate Changes in 17-Week Pregnancy? Female Doctors Explains

  1. During the 17th week of pregnancy, your abdomen becomes fully evident and visible from the outside.
  2. This week of pregnancy, an increase in your appetite will occur, you will constantly eat something.
  3. It is considered normal that you have gained 2.5-4 pounds during the 17th week of pregnancy.
  4. With your 17th week, your breasts begin to grow as they are prepared for breastfeeding, and even some pregnant women may have milk from the breasts during pregnancy.
  5. As of this week, the mother can begin to feel the baby’s movements in the mother’s womb. Some mothers may even feel the movements of the baby in the womb from the 15th week onwards, some at the 20th to 21st week.
  6. As a maternity patient, you should have your quad test or triple test review by this week or until the end of the 18th week. The triple scan or quartet screening tests are performed, especially between 15 and 18 weeks. With these tests, it can be determined whether the baby is a defect in cerebrospinal development.
  7. Health problems such as heartburn and nausea are often encountered this week of pregnancy.
  8. During the 17th week of pregnancy, some mothers may accumulate gas in the intestine and cause bloating.
  9. This week of pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the nail fragility and sensitivity may occur.
  10. With the 17th week of pregnancy, your veins may become evident and the legs may have varicose veins. Resting your feet constantly by lifting up and using varicose stockings will reduce the likelihood of the emergence of problems caused by hardening of the vessels.
  11. This week of pregnancy, there is an increase in vaginal discharge in the mother, and you may feel the need to use a daily pad.
  12. The 17th week is the period when the mother becomes more emotionally sensitive, you can find yourself crying or laughing at things we don’t.
  13. During the 17th week of pregnancy, spots on your face, which are called dark brown colored, can be formed on your face by pregnancy hormones.
  14. This week of pregnancy, you may experience gastrointestinal problems such as burning, souring, constipation or bloating in your stomach.
  15. As your abdomen grows this week of pregnancy, your center of gravity changes, so you can sometimes begin to feel that you cannot stand firmly on your feet.
  16. This week of pregnancy, your skin is stretching due to this condition, your breasts and abdomen may itch. What you can do to prevent itching; Take a shower in warm water, bathe your skin after the bath is still wet with a lot of moisturizing rides. Plenty of clothes and cotton to wear.

17 weeks of baby’s ultrasound image


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