2019 spring summer makeup trends… The natural makeup period has begun…

As the cold winter days start to gradually lose its effect, we are entering the spring months when nature is renewed, colors shine and inside warms. This period is also the best time to cleanse the skin from the negative effects of winter. We also learned from Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık Cosmetics Director Dilek Çağlayan Değirmenci, within the scope of Boyner Skin Care Days, which will last until April 15, 2019 highlights of the season, make-up trends and skin care suggestions …
blank The miller says that this season, practical, single-use, concentrated products designed for the lovers of cosmetics that do not give up the skin but do not spend much time will be among the favorites of the last period: “Korean skin care products such as Skinfood, Claderm, Leaders are in this field. offers many alternatives. These products provide long-term care and protection in a single use. In addition, products with organic ingredients are preferred more and more. “

We also learned the 2019 spring-summer trends from Dilek Çağlayan Değirmenci. The miller mentioned that the make-up makeup will be very popular: “A light and concealer applied only on the skin and a new season makeup trend in which transparent powder is dominant and a well-groomed and clean skin stands out. Concealer and foundation, which make the facial contours tired and consisting of a heavy layer, are replaced by healthy and bright-looking skin. For this reason, care products are among the favorite beauty products of this season. “
blank Shine comes to the fore in the 2019 summer season. Metallic textures, silvery details that can be applied in daily makeup, or crystal stones that you can use on days when you feel brave are among the favorites of the new season. Değirmenci says that the indispensable glitter trend of 2018 will re-enter our lives in this context and will be moved to the lips in 2019: “It is a very good option to apply glitter on the lips to make the shining makeup trend ambitious. But remember, it is necessary to apply this trend together with its make-up like ‘None’. For those who cannot give up the classic headlight appearance, pastel tones stand out. You can combine the eyeshadow to be applied by covering your eyelid completely with eyeliner and use it with a smooth skin makeup. You can also get a perfect look with the illuminator that you will apply to your cheekbones. “
blank The miller touched upon the importance of skin care in the following days when cold days are beginning to be over: “The first and most important step in skin care is skin cleansing. Depending on skin structure and usage habits, cleansing gels, moisturizing soaps or cleansing milk will be very helpful for skin cleansing. After the face cleansing process, tonic should be used to purify the skin’s pores and prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples. Skin cleansing is important but not sufficient alone. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is another important issue in skin care. Moisturizing creams will be very useful in this regard. However, not every cream is suitable for every skin structure. For this reason, creams suitable for the skin structure should be preferred. “
Dilek Çağlayan Değirmenci finally talked about the issues to be considered in cosmetic shopping. Değirmenci states that the content and type of the skin are important in skin care, not the brand or price of the product: “Consumers need to learn skin types and choose products according to their skin needs. “

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