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23 Facts About Hollywood Boulevard You’ll Be Surprised To Learn

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in Los Angeles, USA and is known to almost everyone. So much so, this is one of Los Angeles’ biggest attractions and attracts over 10 million visitors each year. The names of more than 2,400 legendary celebrities, from celebrities to movie and TV show stars, are embedded in the star shape on this walkway. Here’s what you need to know about Hollywood Boulevard, a star-studded sidewalk.

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The idea for the 1st Hollywood Boulevard emerged in 1953

Hollywood Boulevard

The original idea for the road to fame came from EM Stuart, volunteer chairman of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1953, exactly seven years before construction began. An official proposal was made to the Los Angeles City Council in January 1956.

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2. There were cartoons in the original concept

Hollywood Boulevard

It took some time to decide on a concept and color scheme. Among the coverings on offer was a star with a caricature of a prize planted along brown and blue sidewalks. The colors of the designs coincided with a building that CE Toberman aka Mr. Hollywood had built on Hollywood Boulevard. Therefore, both ideas were rejected.

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There were only four categories in the early days on 3rd Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

Although there are stars in five categories today, there were only four categories at first on Hollywood Boulevard: Cinema, Television, Recording, and Music, and Radio. In 1984, the Theater / Live Performance category was added.

The first stars to be located on 4th Hollywood Boulevard were announced in 1958.

Hollywood Boulevard

In 1958, it was announced to the public that there would be eight stars on Hollywood Boulevard for Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Louise Fazenda, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedgwick, Ernest Torrence and Joanne Woodward.

5.Hollywood Boulevard construction delayed due to two lawsuits


Although construction on Hollywood Boulevard was to begin shortly after the first eight stars were secretly seen, two cases prevented this from happening. The first lawsuit came from a group of nearby property owners who refused to accept the $ 1.25 million tax accrual that came with the construction of Hollywood Boulevard. The judge ruled against them. The second case came from Charlie Chaplin Jr., who demanded $ 400,000 in compensation for his father not being chosen as a star. The case was dismissed in 1960, but the great Chaplin eventually received a star in 1972 (the same year he won an honorary Oscar).

6.First Stanley Kramer star put

Hollywood Boulevard

The construction of Hollywood Boulevard officially began on February 8, 1960, after all the delays. Director Stanley Kramer was the first to be starred.

Most of the stars on the 7th Hollywood Boulevard are actors.


Currently 47% of the more than 2,400 stars that make up the Hollywood Boulevard are in the Cinema category, followed by the Television category with 24%.

8. Muhammet Ali’s name was included in the Live Performance category

Muhammad Ali

Mohammed Ali was awarded a star in 2002 after it was decided that boxing was a form of live performance. Muhammad Ali’s star is the only star on Hollywood Boulevard you can’t step on. Because Muhammad Ali, our Prophet, Hz. He did not want Muhammad’s name to be printed on it.

An application process awaits celebrities who want to be on the 9th Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

Being nominated for a star on Hollywood Boulevard takes more than talent, and the nomination process is no joke. While anyone, including fans, can nominate their favorite celebrity to include on Hollywood Boulevard, there is an application process that the candidate or their manager must go through.

Stars on 10th Hollywood Boulevard are not free


The stars on Hollywood Boulevard are not growing on the tree. Unfortunately, they are not free. The production cost of each star amounts to 40 thousand dollars.

11. There is only one condition for nomination of deceased celebrities.

Hollywood Boulevard

Each year, 24 people are nominated, and at least one of them becomes a deceased celebrity. But there is only one condition; And that is that the nominated celebrity died 5 years ago.

The person whose star is built on the 12th Hollywood Boulevard must attend the opening of the star

Celebrities - Hollywood Boulevard

Since 1968, the honor holder has to attend the opening of his star. The only person to break this rule is Barbra Streisand, who was awarded a star in 1976.

13.450 stars removed for subway construction in 1994

Hollywood Boulevard

In 1994, the stars of nearly 450 legends, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, Gene Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charles Chaplin, were dismantled for subway construction and stored in the warehouse for 3 years.

14. There is no restriction for a celebrity to have only one star.

Hollywood Boulevard

The celebrities who will take place on Hollywood Boulevard are not limited to a single star. Bob Hope, Roy Rogers, Mickey Rooney and Tony Martin have stars in four categories. More than 30 celebrities have stars in three categories, including Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny.

15. Gene Autry has 5 stars

Gene Autry

Legendary showman Gene Autry is the only celebrity to star in five categories.

Two Michael Jackson and two Harrison Ford are on 16th Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

Silent film actor Harrison Ford won a star in 1960, while Harrison “Han Solo” Ford was honored with a star in 2003. Radio player Michael Jackson and singer Michael Jackson earned a star in 1984. When Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, fans gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to commemorate him. However, they gathered next to the wrong star.

17. Can have stars in fictional characters

Hollywood Boulevard

Among the fictional characters named on Hollywood Boulevard are Bugs Bunny, Snow White, Woody Woodpecker, Little Bird, Simpsons, Rugrats, Kermit, Donald Duck, Godzilla, Winnie the Pooh, The Munchkins, Shrek, Tinker Bell and Muppets.

4 stars were stolen on 18th Hollywood Boulevard


Gregory Peck became the fourth celebrity to be starred in 2005. The stolen star was never found, although a new one was made. Five years before Peck’s star was stolen, Jimmy Stewart and Kirk Douglas’ stars were also stolen. However, their stars were found later. One of Gene Autry’s stars was also stolen.

Under the 19th Hollywood Boulevard is a time capsule

Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce buried a time capsule under the boulevard on Hollywood Boulevard’s 50th anniversary in 2010. The capsule contains various items that aim to immortalize the Hollywood Boulevard, as well as a note written by Barker: “Neuter your pets.” he is writing. The time capsule is scheduled to open in 2060.

20.Three members of the Dern family received stars at the same time

Hollywood Boulevard

Three members of the Dern family, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd and Laura Dern, became stars at the 50th anniversary celebrations on Hollywood Boulevard.

21.The Barrymore family is the family with the most stars on Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

The Barrymore family has exactly 6 stars on Hollywood Boulevard: John, Ethel, John Drew and Drew have one, and Lionel has two.

Many spelling mistakes were made on 22 Hollywood Boulevard


The name of Julia Louis Dreyfus, the inauguration of her star in 2010, was misspelled. The star was quickly renewed and the misspelled star was also given to Dreyfus as a souvenir. In 1992, Dick Van Dyke’s name was misspelled.

Celebrities with stars on 23rd Hollywood Boulevard must make their star’s opening within five years

Hollywood Boulevard

Honoring celebrities must open their stars within five years. That’s why some of the celebrities use the opening ceremonies to advertise their new projects.

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