3 high protein snacks that will speed up your metabolism

Our body needs enough protein for it to function smoothly. The ability of proteins to accelerate metabolism makes it a nutrient worth adding to both meals and snacks. Protein not only forces your body to use more calories than carbohydrates during digestion, but it also helps you build and maintain muscle and prevents your body from storing extra fat.

You don’t need to limit your protein intake to three main meals. You can consume these healthy, natural high-protein snacks between meals, when you need post-workout support or for a healthy and delicious dinner for your family.


Blueberry yogurt

I love protein snacks that don’t require any preparation, and this is one of them. Combine and freeze honey, yogurt, blueberries and almonds. They will be an excellent snack to you on hot days. Thanks to almonds and yogurt, it also increases your protein intake.


Probiotic with vegetable sauce

Kefir is the star of protein snacks. Mix the vegetables and make them into sauce. Mix with kefir and consume it whenever you want. You can also add avocado and honey if desired.


Frozen yogurt bars

Frozen yogurt bars are a great option for an energy boosting snack in hot weather. While yogurt strengthens your metabolism, the honey you add will give you some sweetness. You can add cranberries or raisins on top. If you don’t like these fruits, you can add your favorite dried fruits instead.

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