4 tips for a great summer skin

Summer is great; holidays, spending more time outdoors, outdoor dinners, less clothing and more skin!

In the summer, we want our skin to look smooth, bronze, touching and wonderful. Instead, we often encounter cracked feet, sunburn, irregular bronze lines, and sun damage. And sometimes it can be worse; redness and strange-looking self-tanning.

Watch out for these 4 tips to avoid them and have great skin.

Take care of your feet

Take regular foot care and use a prescription urea cream from your doctor. These creams really work to make your heels smooth.

Stay safe in the sun

Use sunscreen with high zinc (10-18%) on your face, neck, chest, arms and hands. You can also use it on the rest of your body, but be sure to apply it again after swimming in and out of the pool. Don’t let it burn.

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Soften your skin

You can do this in the shower:

– Put 2 cups of epsom salt or different mineral salt in warm water and leave for 5-10 minutes

– Rub and rinse your body using medium pressure with your favorite salt

– Rub your head and neck with a soft fiber

– Use a long-handled natural brush for your back

– Dry your body and preferably lotion with a natural oil lotion or body oil

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Avoid strange brown lines

If you’re using your sunscreen, you shouldn’t have strange brown streaks. But if they are formed even when you use sunscreen, protect the formed areas from the sun for a certain time with a cute t-shirt or tights.

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