4 ways to prevent bloating

Bloating is caused by an increase in air or gas in the abdomen. This can cause stiffness, swelling, and pain sensations. You may even feel that the dress that normally fits on you tightens your abdomen.

It’s time to get rid of the feeling of bloating. While there are still secrets behind bloating, I will share some important tips with you to avoid bloating.


Consume a lot of liquid

It is important to drink water during the day, especially if you have a chance to stay warmer and dehydrated. Being dehydrated can cause bloating. And then the water you drink will cause delayed gastric emptying, so you may feel uncomfortable.

Be wary of foods containing lactose

While some people may not have a lactose problem, many, including those without lactose intolerance, may feel swollen after eating or drinking things like ice cream, yogurt, or milk. If you feel bloating after eating foods that contain lactose, you can overcome this problem by using lactase pills or drops before consuming it or by removing lactose completely from your diet.

Don’t overdo it while eating fruit

The fruit is healthy, but if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you may be hypersensitive to fructose. Therefore, you may want to monitor the amount you eat. Try eating less fruit at a time, or consume fruit with things like yogurt.

Keep your mouth closed while eating

What? It may seem stupid, but getting too much air while eating can actually contribute to bloating. Eating very quickly, using a straw or opening the mouth while chewing gum can actually add more air to your body, making you feel swollen. Try to eat slowly and keep your mouth closed.


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