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5 Makeup Failures with Small Eyes

5 Makeup Failures with Small Eyes

Every human has its own physical characteristics: small eyes, large eyes, thin lips, thick lips, dislocated cheekbones, plump cheeks. Fiziksel Makeup is a way to highlight your physical properties. But in this article we would like to tell you about the 5 most common make-up mistakes that small-eyed people have fallen into.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to use eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara to make your eyes look bigger. However, if you don’t know how to use these tools correctly, you can make mistakes and not get the desired effect.

If you want your eyes to look amazing, keep reading some useful tips that we share here.

5 Makeup Failures with Small Eyes

eyes with make-up

If you think you’re small-eyed and you’re planning to make use of make-up items to make them look bigger, take a look at these tips. The shape of your eye is very important at this point.

Doing good makeup requires good technique and skill. Although it may seem very easy on videos on how to do make-up on the Internet, don’t be disappointed if you try and fail for the first time. Time, patience and quality cosmetic materials are needed to get good results.

1. Error: eyeliner on the inside of the eye

Pencil pencil inside your eyes, in fact, makes your eyes look smaller. Gives you a görünüm harder Bakış look. However, only the pencil that is driven on the outside will make your eyes look bigger on the fly.

Also; Do not choose eye pencils in very dark colors; use lighter colors that help make the eye look bigger .

2. Error: very thin when shaping your eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your eyes. So if you have small eyes, you need to pay attention to the shape of your eyebrows. You want thicker, shaped eyebrows.

Do not go too far with tweezers or waxes, because the thin eyebrows do not help your eyes to look bigger or attract attention. If necessary, you can fill the empty areas with an eyebrow pencil with the same color as your hair to make your eyebrows look more voluminous .

3. Error: use cream concealers

Liquid closers are much better, because they spread evenly over your face. Plus minimizes the appearance of fine lines .

4. Error: Using the wrong eye lamp

Eyeshadow is like a sharp knife on both ends: it can help your makeup and it can ruin it. If you use a dark eye shadow, you can make your eyes look smaller.

It is recommended that you use multiple colors; ideally non-uniform colors. Always use a lighter color near the inside of your eyelid and tear ducts, and use a darker color on the outside of the eye to add depth and volume .

5. Error: Do not use low quality mascaras

It is very annoying to ride mascara and meet with clumps on each other, clumped together. It is therefore best to choose quality cosmetic products . The lumps and excessively thick lashes will make your eyes look smaller.
cat eye makeup

Tips and other common makeup mistakes

Finally, we have compiled a list of other makeup mistakes.

  • Use too much eye shadow and exaggerate smoky eye makeup. The result you get will only result in a smaller-eyed look.
  • In general do a lot of makeup. Do not overdo the foundation , eyeliner, eyebrows, lip color, false eyelashes and the like . Söz Less decision söz is still a promise to follow.
  • Draw downward lines. Make all the lines up to one degree, upwards; otherwise you may get a sad image.
  • Make the pen very thick. This way you can get a reverse result, so try to create a thin and elegant line.
  • Using light colors but not combining them with darker colors. The complementary colors are better; this applies not only to your clothes but also to your eye makeup.

Keep these tips in mind, your eye makeup will be perfect. Do not forget to use high-quality make-up products as the health of your skin and eyes depends on it.


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