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6 Effect of Air Conditioner on Your Health

6 Effect of Air Conditioner on Your Health

Nowadays in the offices, cars and people living in hot countries; so it has air conditioning almost everywhere. But this situation has some negative consequences. In this article, we will examine the negative effects of air conditioner on your health.

In addition to a normal sore throat and a cold, using air conditioning can greatly affect your health. The main reason why the air conditioner is detrimental to your health is the problem of being in an extremely dry environment. For this reason, you should use your air conditioners as much as you need while cooling down in the summer.

6 Effect of Air Conditioner on Your Health

Now we’ll take a look at the effects of the air conditioner on your health.

1. Respiratory Problems

Keep in mind that any changes in air temperature damage your respiratory system. Therefore, moving from a hot area to a cold place such as an office or supermarket can cause some serious problems.

Using air conditioning also makes you vulnerable to respiratory tract infections because of the circulation of air . It may cause problems such as pharyngitis or throat infection.

In fact, people who spend more time in air-conditioned areas have a greater risk of experiencing throat and nose problems. Therefore, they are more likely to be infected with diseases such as nasal inflammation.

2. Viral Infections

air conditioner to your health

One of the most common effects of air conditioning is that it emits viral infections among weak immune systems .

In air-conditioned environments, the old air is constantly circulated and no fresh air enters. As a result, the old air transmits the common cold and flu germs to humans.

Therefore, there is a higher risk of viral infection in air-conditioned environments than without air conditioning.

3. Dehydration

People who spend a long time in air-conditioned rooms become more dehydrated. Since the air conditioner absorbs moisture and people usually do not consume enough water, dehydration occurs.

Because the weather is colder, people do not sweat, so they are not thirsty, but dehydration still occurs. Also, in cold environments the body feels the need to move less.

4. Headache

Headache is one of the most common problems of air conditioner damage to your health. The effect of air conditioning triggers headache and even migraine.

Obviously, the risk of dehydration increases the likelihood of a headache. Nevertheless, although dehydration triggers other health problems, we often see that it is not important.

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5. Eye Care


The air conditioner can dry your eyes, causing pain and itching. Air conditioning of course does not cause direct drying of the eyes, but people with this problem to speed up the drying of the eyes.

Air conditioning makes the situation worse. If your eyes are drying too much, you better stay away from air-conditioned environments.

6. Reduces Heat Resistance

If you spend too much time in the air-conditioned rooms, your resistance to heat is reduced. You can experience this often, especially in the summer.

Remember that your body will stress when you move from a cold office to a warm environment. This sudden change in air can have adverse effects on your health.

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In summary, air conditioning has a very negative impact on your health. For this reason, it is very important to use air conditioners as much as necessary, not excessive.


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