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6 Fun Activities You Can Do Outside on Cold Winter Days

The cold winter days are finally here! Most of us feel more exhausted these days as the body takes more energy to warm up. We do not want to go out because of the cold weather and we head towards activities to be done at home. While drinking hot chocolate, watching movies under the blanket or reading a book seem like the best way to make use of the winter, there are actually many things you can do outside in the winter, especially when it snows. We have written for you 6 activities that you can do outside in winter beyond the snowman. Have a good read!

1. Create frozen bubbles


Many of us met with bubble gun toys in our childhood. If the weather is cold enough, you can make frozen bubbles with these cool toys. You can watch the ice crystals transform before you burst the soap bubbles from the bubble gun.

2. Fight ice sword wars!


The icicles formed by freezing of water in snowy weather create a perfect view. How would you like to turn this into fun? You can use stalactites as swords and fight swords with a few friends! Of course, it is worth reminding that this is not an activity suitable for children. Adults also need to be careful.

There is another method of making an ice sword. As a result of mixing ice and sawdust, a material called “pykrete” is formed. This material melts much slower than ice due to its high thermal conductivity and at the same time is much more robust than ice. In fact, II. During World War II, a man named Geoffrey Pyke proposed it as a candidate material for a super-large aircraft carrier for the British Royal Navy. The name of the material comes from here.

3.Play snowballs


One of the indispensable activities of snowy days is of course playing snowballs. Snowballing is one of the most fun activities for everyone, big and small, and it is one of the best things you can do outside.

4. Make a snow castle


Although it looks a bit fantastic, it is possible to build snow castles. You can even color this castle. All you have to do is put water and food coloring in cardboard boxes and leave them out overnight. If the weather is cold enough, when you wake up in the morning, you will have colorful snow masses. By combining them you can make a small castle.

5.Try sledding


Sledding is a great winter activity but if you don’t have a sled you need to be creative. It is possible to make sleds with a little water and fabric in freezing weather. Try sledding on slightly inclines!

6.Discover winter sports you can experience


There are many fun winter sports such as ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. In our country, there are ski centers or ice skating rinks where we can do these. Discover a sport you are curious about and want to experience and take action! For more information about sports you can do in winter, you can take a look at our winter sports list!

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