6 Masks Recipes for Deep Cleansing from the Beautician

6 Masks Recipes for Deep Cleansing from the Beautician

Which one of us wouldn’t want to have a smooth skin, be it a man or a woman? In this article, you can read the mask recipes given by Beauty Specialist Suna Dumankaya that deeply cleanse and purify your face, apply peeling to the skin and remove dead cells. You can make whatever you want from these recipes. You can obtain some of the ingredients in the recipe from a transfer.

Preparing a Face Cleansing Mask at Home by Beauty Expert Suna Dumankaya

A teaspoon of hand cream, a teaspoon of clay, a teaspoon of ground rice are mixed thoroughly. It is provided to penetrate the skin by massaging. It is waited for 10 minutes and washed. It is enough to do it once a week.

Deep Cleansing Mask Recipe from Beauty Expert Suna Dumankaya

This mask, which we will transfer now, will provide an effective care and purify dead cells without aggravating your skin. First, grate 1 medium potato. Then, mix a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of olive oil and as much flour as it takes. You can apply the mixture you have prepared directly to your skin. If you wish, you can keep it on your skin for 25 minutes with the help of a gauze pad. When the time is up, you can wash your face.

Skin Care Peeling Application by Beauty Expert Suna Dumankaya

Add 3 tablespoons of ground walnuts to 100 grams of curdled milk. It is mixed well, applied to the skin and left for 5 minutes. It is then cleaned by rubbing. A quality cream suitable for the skin type should be used, it should be repeated twice a week.

Peeling Application by Beauty Expert Suna Dumankaya that Smoothes the Body and Skin

Take a cup of ground red lentils and brown rice in a bowl and add a teaspoon of lavender oil, a coffee cup of body cream, a coffee cup of clay. Mix all the ingredients with water to get the consistency of boza. While taking a shower, you can scrub your body with this mixture and peel it off.

My other formula is;

Mix 3 tablespoons sesame oil, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons cocoa and 1 dessert spoon salt. It is applied to the skin and rubbed thoroughly before shower. Then take a bath. If you continue to apply this once a week, you will have a silky skin.

The Most Effective Skin Cleansing Mask by Beauty Expert Suna Dumankaya

Mix together a tablespoon of carrot oil, olive oil and cottage cheese. When it reaches the consistency of a cream, it is applied to the whole body and is fed well. It is left for 20 minutes and washed first with slightly hot then cold water. It is recommended to apply twice a week.

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