6 nutritional advice for healthy sex life

A healthy sex life is highly related to nutrition. Your diet plays a big role in how well your sexual health can be. Some foods can increase your arousal or increase your energy, while others can seriously threaten your sexual health. In addition to healthy nutrition, your physical and mental health is also important for good sexual health.


Nutrition style

Healthy hormone levels and unobstructed blood flow to the pelvic area are important for sexual health. To keep these systems working, your diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereal products, and other complex carbohydrates. This diet provides you with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Dairy products, enriched cereals, whole grains, and green vegetables should be an important part of your diet, especially to protect the mucous membranes that contain abundant vitamin C to strengthen the blood vessel walls, and the mucous membranes that align the female reproductive system.

Vitamin E

Although there are no confirmatory clinical studies, many experts say that sexual function is likely to be healthy, thanks to vitamin E from oils, margarine, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, and wheat seeds.


The most common causes of sexual health problems are fatigue and depression. These causes are often interconnected, and you can avoid both with a regular exercise program that stimulates the production of endorphins. In some cases, iron deficiency can be the cause of your fatigue. A diet containing meat, fish, shellfish, nuts and seeds, legumes, cereals, dark green leaves, and dried fruits will help renew your iron stores.


The importance of zinc for sexual function is known. In zinc deficiency, sexual development is delayed in children and zinc is needed for sperm production in adult males. Zinc is abundant in seafood (especially oysters), meat and poultry, as well as eggs, milk, beans, nuts and whole grains.

Alcohol and cigarette

The effect of alcohol on sexual function, William Shakespeare ‘ says for wine “provokes desire but takes away performance”

Let’s start by recalling the word . Excessive alcohol removes behavioral barriers, but this liberating effect can be reversed with its depressant effect and cause instant sexual unhealthiness, as well as creating permanent sexual unhealthy over time. Alcohol also has an effect similar to estrogen. This can have a devastating effect on masculinity. Nicotine is the enemy of arteries. Nicotine promotes the formation of congestion in the penile blood vessels and, in time, causes the vessels to narrow.



Hormone levels should be kept at appropriate levels for healthy sex life. There are many factors that affect these hormone levels. Some foods you can consume for a better hormone level and sexual health

Legumes: Legumes such as chickpeas contain compounds with estrogen-like effects. Estrogen affects your sexual health and helps increase sexual sensation

Fish and clams: A fish species rich in magnesium (eg mackerel) will affect sexual performance. Research shows that oysters contain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones.

Blueberry: This super nutrient is not only rich in antioxidants, it also improves circulation and keeps you energetic

Avocado: Even though studies on high vitamin E level positively affect sexual health, the aphrodisiac effect of avocado is accepted almost worldwide.

Dark chocolate: Chocolate addresses the senses with all the compounds in it. Dark chocolate causes an increase in dopamine and dopamine increases your pleasure

Honey: Honey is made by pollination and is a symbol of production. Contains ingredients that help regulate estrogen and testosterone levels and provide a natural boost of energy

Coffee: Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that speeds up the heartbeat and speeds up blood flow. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior A study published in the journal (Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior) suggested that coffee can put women in the mood of relationship.

Watermelon: It can affect your sexual health with its rich lycopene content. Because it relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation

Artichoke: Body function and blood flow regulator suitable for healthy sex life is packed with critical vitamins and antioxidants

Pumpkin seeds: May affect your sexual life with high magnesium content

Rocket: Arugula has been used as a stimulant aid since the first century. Research today reveals that the minerals and antioxidants contained in dark green leaves are vital for sexual health because they help prevent the absorption of some environmental pollutants that are thought to negatively affect libido.

Almond: Almond has been talked about for many years when it helps sexual stimulation and fertility. Almonds contain plenty of minerals important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium and vitamin E.

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