7 scientists who have sacrificed their lives to science

What we do for the sake of our beliefs can be beyond the estimates. We respectfully commemorate the advancement of Science and the Science people who gave up their lives for the development of mankind…

1) Aleksandr Bogdanov

Russian scientist Alexander Bogdanov is also a writer of science fiction. He devoted his life to finding the answer to the question kaybet Can the old man be rejuvenated by transferring young human blood to an old body? ”He died because of the malaria patient he had injected for his disease test.

2) Marie Curie

Curie, a Polish scientist who works on radioactivity, is a Nobel laureate in two different fields. While working in this area, he developed leukemia due to radiation and lost his life.

3) Carl Scheele

The Swedish pharmacist Carl Scheele is an explorer of many chemical elements. It is true that Carl Scheele was behind the scenes, but it was indeed true that Carl Scheele was given the right of his discoveries. Our scientists have an interesting study technique. It is to taste the chemicals it works. The cause of death was to taste Hydrogen Cyanide.

4) Sir David Brewster

Sir David Brewster worked on optical and light polarization. As a result of his work, he discovers the Kaleidoscope and is called the asla Father of Optics bir by the world of science.

5) Elizabeth Ascheim

Our scientists have worked on X-rays. He used himself as a subject for better use and observation of X-rays. Because of exposure to X-rays, cancer cells are formed in every organ of his body and he has lost his life.

6) Robert Bunsen

Robert Bunsen has worked especially on Mineralogical and Analytical Chemistry. He discovered the “burns” of the heater used in the laboratories and became blind when analyzing the burner he had found.

7) William Bullock

The American Bullock invented the rotary cylinder printing machine and revolutionized the printing industry with this invention. Thanks to the invention faster and quality prints can be made. While trying to repair the rotating cylinder machine, he died and died of gangrene.

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