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7 Simple Exercise For Beautiful Legs

7 Simple Exercise For Beautiful Legs

Today, we will propose a very simple 7 exercise series for your dream beautiful legs. So you can quickly shape your body and legs.

You can do these exercises at home or anywhere. You just need a few minutes a day. You’ll see the difference!

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Easy exercises for beautiful legs

1. Leg changing jump

power exercises

One of the first exercises you can do to have nice legs is a bouncing leg.

  • To do this, twist your knee so that one foot is behind.
  • In this position, the other leg should be lower while the back is completely flat.
  • When you reach this position, you must jump as high as possible with the help of your arms .
  • While in the air, move the leg in the front in a move. Put the other in the back.
  • Do this exercise in sets of 10 or 12 sets.

2. Knees bouncing broken

  • To do this exercise you need to bend your knees slightly and take your arms back to help bounce.
  • After moving to this position , you must jump as high as you can and lift the knees that you bend as much as possible.
  • This is an exercise of 3 sets of 10 sets. Leave about one minute rest period between each set.

3. Lay down a leg and run the outer hips

exercise for beautiful legs

One of the simplest exercises to have nice and smooth legs is to lift the legs as they lie sideways.

  • To do this, reach your right side and support your body with your arm, put the other arm down.
  • Then slowly lift and lower your leg without sudden movements that can cause pain or discomfort.
  • This exercise should be performed several times on both legs. It also helps to shape your calves.

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4. Lifting and lowering legs for inner hips

This is a modified version of the previous exercise and support your right side as you did the previous exercise and support yourself with your arm.

  • In this exercise, bend your left leg and stretch your foot down, hold your hand to stabilize your movements.
  • Gently lift and lower the other leg; and repeat the exercise with both legs.

5. Weights and stroke with weights

weight lifting

If you want to strengthen your arms while you have more beautiful legs, this exercise is perfect for you.

  • To do this, keep your back fully flat and your arms parallel to your body.
  • Then, keep your back straight and change your legs backwards.
  • To get the best results from this exercise, go further down, bend your legs at a straight angle.

6. Diagonal work with weights

Another exercise for more beautiful legs is cross-weight training. In addition, this exercise will strengthen your body.

  • To do this, put your left hand on your hip, hold a bottle of water or weight with your right hand.
  • Then, tilt your back straight to the left, take a step to the left, and slowly parallel it with your right leg.
  • In this position, touch your left wrist with your right hand. While doing this, your right leg should be straight and your left leg should be bent.
  • Repeat several times with both legs.

7. Lifting legs in plank position

plank movement for beautiful legs

Another exercise we recommend to have nice legs is to lift the legs while in the plank position.

  • In this position you stand on the ground and support your body with your arms . It’s a very simple exercise.
  • In this position, extend your left leg, raise it as high as possible, and then gently lower it with slight movements.
  • Repeat this exercise with both legs.


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