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8 Signs You Are Arguing With a Real Psychopath

When we hear the word “psychopath”, most of us think of notorious criminals. Yet this thought is quite wrong! We also encounter many psychopaths in our daily life. At school, at work, in our group of friends or in our romantic relationships… It is never clear where or how these manipulative people will appear! As you can imagine, getting into any argument with them gets nowhere. If there are people around you that you are constantly arguing with but have not come to a conclusion, you are in the right place! We have researched and compiled for you the 8 most prominent characteristics of a typical psychopath that can appear in every aspect of our lives. Especially if you are struggling with endless fights in your romantic relationships, you should definitely take a look at these signs! Here are 8 signs that you are arguing with a psychopath.

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1. Most of the time they prefer to play the victim


Whatever your topic of discussion, if the other person is not afraid to play the human victim, we have bad news for you! This sign that you are dealing with a true psychopath can harm you and the other person in the long run. If the other person is hitting your old mistakes, playing the victim and making you feel guilty, regardless of the subject, it’s time to review your relationship!

2.They have trouble understanding even the simplest feelings.


Another sign that you are dealing with a psychopath is a lack of empathy! If you repeatedly explain things that upset you and continue to do so, be sure it’s not yours!

3.Sometimes they take on a character quite different from themselves.


A true psychopath does not hesitate to adapt to the demands of the moment. So sometimes a butterfly of love can turn into an enemy from time to time. If the other person does not hesitate to act according to their interests and turns into your enemy at the most vulnerable moment, it is useful to review this relationship!

4. They do not hesitate to offer an excuse for every action they make.

with psychopath

These types of people often avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes. Instead, they prefer to find an excuse. And when they don’t keep their promises, they see no problem using these excuses over and over again.

5.They don’t hesitate to lie

with psychopath

As you can imagine, a true psychopath sees no problem in lying. In fact, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that they are masters of lies!

6. Hypocrisy is not a problem for them

with psychopath

They never hesitate to hit their own mistakes in your face. For example, although they often lie, they accuse you of lying. In this way, they believe they can take the burden off them. At the end of the job, they provoke you and try to show everyone around you that you are the problematic side.

7.They deliberately provoke you and then blame you

with psychopath

They do not hesitate to provoke you. And when you can’t control yourself and get angry, they’ll blame you for excess. They repeat behaviors you don’t like over and over and claim to be right when you get angry.

8.They deny their manipulative side

with psychopath

Even if you provide evidence, they will not admit their manipulative behavior. They prefer to ignore and continue these behaviors.

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