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8 Tips to Help You Be More Positive

We have left behind a very difficult year of successive disasters. The 2020 disasters hit all of us badly. We have forgotten the feeling that the world is a safe place when we talk about the corona virus epidemic, earthquakes, fires, wars, economic bottleneck. However, on the last day of the year, it is time to come to terms with the past and make new decisions that will enable us to look to the future with hope! Let’s take a look at some tips that will make you feel more positive in the new year.

1. Believe in the power of positive thinking


Directing positive and negative thoughts is very important for a great start to the new year. The simplest way to attract positive things into your life is through positive thinking. Some days you may have had some really bad events. When you feel sad, resentful or nervous, it can be difficult for you to see the beauty around you. Instead of constantly thinking about your bad experiences, you can keep a diary to remember your good experiences and feel positive. Have you heard this before? Yes, this is all about the law of attraction. By thinking positively, you can change the course of your life. However, do not give up this habit after a few weeks, because it can take weeks to see the results of positivity. If you want to get more detailed information about the law of attraction, you can click here.

2.Don’t wait for birthdays to celebrate


For most of us, only special occasions are worth celebrating. But celebrating the little things in life can make us feel so much better. Your salary increased, you were promoted, you passed the exam of a difficult lesson successfully, your favorite team won… You have so many reasons to celebrate. Focus on small joys that create a suitable setting for big celebrations. The beginning of the year is a great time to learn new habits. If you want to have a more positive year, don’t hesitate to celebrate every moment of life!

3.Do yourself a favor and eliminate people who emit negative energy this year.


Perhaps it would be a little unfair to claim that some people are innately negative. Surely all people are valuable. But how can you develop a positive attitude when you have someone in your life who is emotionally tiring? It is not possible to stay positive with someone who constantly complains, compares himself to you, and always focuses on the empty side of the glass. For a good start this year, remove people who cannot tolerate what is happy from your life. Spend more time with people who always smile at you, are proud of your achievements, and always support you.

4. Take a new endeavor or explore new places to feel more positive


Do you ever think life is monotonous? A monotonous life can drag us into a terrible feeling of burnout. By changing your routines in the new year, you can break the chains of life and feel more positive. So what can you do? You can start a new hobby or start a sport that you have never done before. You can give importance to culture and art and discover natural beauties close to your city on weekends. Do not have time? Then call someone you love “just”. “I just called” is perhaps the most beautiful sentence in the world. Imagine if a friend called you out of curiosity, not just because of his job. Instead of sitting in front of the TV and wondering why my life is monotonous, you can feel happier with a single phone call.

5.Avoid making sharp decisions if you want to make lasting changes in your life.


We start each new year by listing the things we plan to do for that year. You started to hear phrases like going on a diet or quitting smoking on January 1st, right? Perhaps you also made one of these decisions. New year is indeed a great time to start implementing a program. But the most important of all is to be able to drive the decisions you make. If you want to make a fresh start, you should avoid making sharp decisions. You started the diet on January 1st, but after a week you may be craving a tiny cookie. After eating this cookie, if you feel weak or think you made a mistake, you may tend to abandon your plans altogether. You will probably feel worse if you feel your diet that you started off perfectly because of eating a small cookie has been spoiled. Therefore, the decisions you make in the new year should be far from all-or-nothing thinking.

6. Make sure to read a book


It is an undeniable fact that reading is an enjoyable activity. Reading books matures our thoughts, supports our imagination, tears us out of routine. It forces thinking, develops empathy and helps to come up with creative solutions. Some books focus on topics that will never make you forget that you need to stay positive in life. Imagine you are reading an inspiring and life motivated story. We are sure you will not lose anything! Well, which are these books, let’s take you like this.

7. Be a volunteer. Helping others is the antidote to unhappiness


The world needs some good these days! Whether you donate to a foundation or work as a volunteer in a non-governmental organization… You feel warm when you think that people are smiling thanks to you, right? In the new year, you can spare a small part of your time to others, making both the world and your own life beautiful.

8.Get rid of negative emotions of the past for a new and positive start


The new year is full of new dreams and new developments. It may not be possible to make a fresh start without leaving the negative emotions of the past behind. So how can you leave behind the bad things you have experienced? Confront the feeling that hurts you and prevents you from staying in the moment. The more you are exposed to an event or situation, the less your emotional intensity towards it. For example, you admire the sea, you changed all your plans and moved to a house by the sea. After a month or two, the sea view will start to seem ordinary to you. This situation is called hedonic adaptation in psychology. The more often you face situations that upset you, the quicker it will be to leave the past behind and start a new beginning.

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