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8 Tips to Wear Your High Heels All Night

8 Tips to Wear Your High Heels All Night

High heels are a kind of shoe that has been used to create style since the first time they came out with their attractive appearance. However, these shoes may start to cause discomfort after wearing for a long time.

Many people think that wearing heeled shoes requires a lot of discomfort , but this does not have to be true. There are some clues that you can use to enjoy your heeled shoes while preserving your beautiful and sophisticated appearance.

In this article we will describe the most basic tips to help you maintain your style without having to remove these high and stylish shoes. But we in any case, health problems you not to wear high heels too often in order to avoid heels that are too high or we recommend that you choose not to.

1. Do not remove your high heels because you are tired


It may sound relentlessly, but when you take off your heeled shoes for a few minutes to rest, you will further increase the pain. As soon as you remove your shoe, it will become worse.

It may seem to comfort you instantly, but when you wear your shoes again, your pain will get worse. This is because you cannot put your feet back into the shoe as easily as the previous one.

2. Try your new shoes in advance

Be careful if you are planning on wearing your new shoes eyi especially on heels.

If you are planning to wear your feet for a long time or for a long party or activity, it is best to try your shoes beforehand. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear these shoes from time to time, each time longer than the previous one; so you are accustomed to your shoes.

This is an important point, especially if you’re one of those who rarely wear high heels. Otherwise, it is inevitable that your feet will collect water, calluses and cracks, and get tired very quickly.

Always try your shoe several times and wear it at home so that your foot will get used to it.

3. Make sure you wear the correct number

woman in high heels shoes

While this may seem like an obvious fact, people often fall into the mistake of wearing the wrong number. The reason for this is perhaps the fact that the shoes we want to buy are no longer available for us or we don’t know our correct foot number.

It is very important to find the right number for you. In this way, you are protected from the inconveniences and you do not have to throw your heels into the depths of your closet.

To do this, try to wear the shoes for a while before taking the shoes . Make sure that your heeled shoes are not coming off your feet or coming too tight.

Finding the right number is very important to avoid any discomfort you may experience in the future. Do not wear shoes that are too small or too large to look great.

4. Put in the freezer to be softer

Some of the high-heeled shoes are made of very hard materials that do not fit well. This creates friction on your feet due to friction. Put your shoes in the freezer so that you don’t have something like this, put a bag of water in it.

In addition, before you use your shoes, you can put a few top moist newspaper and wait a week outside your closet to get the same effect. In this way, by stretching the material to ensure better fit your foot and will reduce friction.

5. Use orthopedic insole

orthopedic insole

Using orthopedic insole will support your foot better. What’s more, it’s more comfortable for your foot sole thanks to its soft padded structure. In general, it is especially recommended for heel and toenail, to buffer your foot and to reduce pain.

We recommend that you use the sole lining with your shoes and not with your high-heeled shoes, as this will help prevent the buckles and calluses on your toe.

6. Choose wider shoes

Although they are sophisticated, classic stilettos are uneven and uncomfortable shoes. If you are not an expert on heeled shoes, avoid them. Instead, choose the more balanced wide-heeled shoes, so that it’s easier to keep your balance.

7. Protect from friction using moisturizer

cracked heel

Before wearing your high-heeled shoes, apply a significant amount of moisturizer to your feet and apply a little bit to the inside of your shoes so that the material of the shoe is slightly softened. Let it dry completely and then wear your high heels. Doing so will keep your skin moist and reduce friction.

8. Be prepared

If you still feel uncomfortable despite all these clues and you are still hurting, you have obviously come to a point where you must leave your heels and return to those who are flat-bottomed. So especially if you need to rest after long standing or walking, carry a pair of comfortable shoes with you.


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