8 Unknown Information About Corona Virus!

8 Unknown Information About Corona Virus!

Unknown about the Corona Virus

The dangerous virus Corona , which alarmed the world, is one of the most curious virus types of the last period. Measures to be taken even death if they lead to the Corona virus this article, we unknown interesting information about the Corona virus, we have investigated in detail and have compiled. Here are information about the Corona virus;

1. Corona virus first appeared in Wuhan, China.

2 yet unseen in Turkey Corona virus outside China, the US, Thailand and spread to South Korea.

3. It is officially explained that the dangerous virus Corona, which leads to death if passed out, is passed on from person to person.

4. In areas where the Corona virus is intense, almost all of the people circulate with a mask in their mouths.

5. It is thought that the virus, which was first seen in Wuhan, China, did not come out by chance. The main source of the virus is animal markets, according to data that experts base on general information.

6. Corona virus, which not only passes from person to person, can also pass from animal to human.

7. The fact that one of the longest holidays in China will begin on January 25, further increases the likelihood of virus spread. 7 million people traveled from China to abroad on the 25th of January holiday last year.

8. Infrared cameras have been installed at airports in China in case of the spread of the Corona virus. With these cameras, people’s body temperature is examined.

How is the corona virus (coronavirus) transmitted? What are the symptoms of the Corona virus?


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