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9 (Nine) Month Vaccination Questions and Answers Asked to Doctors

9 (Nine) Month Vaccination Questions and Answers Asked to Doctors

Has your baby been 9 months old and have you been vaccinated for 9 months? Wondering what they are? We asked the doctors this question. Here are the answers;

Question: Hello my son 9 months 15 days I wonder if there is 9 months in the vaccine? When’s the first vaccine after that? (May be in private vaccine.) Thank you.


Exp. Murat AYDIN’s answer: Normally there is no vaccine at 9 months, measles, rubella and mumps vaccine at 12 months. There is chickenpox vaccine (special) in the 15th month and hepatitis a vaccine in the 24th and 30th months. They also have a pneumococcal vaccine. Now, if you want to have it immediately, it is done in 2 doses with 1 month intervals and in the form of a dose between 12-18.months, ie 3 doses.


Question: Hi, my son is 8 months old. We have had the vaccines that we should have done so far, but the last time we went to the health center where we had their vaccinations, they said that the next vaccination would be 1 year old. As far as I know, there is one vaccine that should be given at the age of 9 months. I wonder if my son has a vaccination after 9 months.


Exp. Mehmet FATİH MERT’s answer: In the past there was measles vaccine measles now rubella, mumps in the form of 12 months was taken. Also, if you get a chickenpox and hepatitis vaccine at 12 months (the state isn’t doing it yet).

Question: my daughter is 9 months and 17 days old. I want to get a pneumococcal vaccine. But a week and a half ago we had a mild flu because he had teeth. Now he has a slight cough. Would it be okay to have the vaccine?


Exp. Mehmet TÜRAY’s answer: Pneumococcal vaccine can be given safely to babies with minor complaints, but it is a non-urgent vaccine. You can also have it done in a few days.

Question: My daughter is 8 months old. The first dose of pneumococcal vaccine was said to us for 9 months, but I heard what was done in 3 or 4 months. Is there a problem or did we miss the first dose? Thank you.


Assoc. Meki BİLİCİ’s answer: Pneumococcal vaccine is a vaccine that can be given at any time under 5 years of age. But the sooner it’s done, the better. Ideally, the vaccine should be administered from the 2nd month onwards. Therefore, you should vaccinate your baby as soon as possible.

Question: Hello, according to the information I have received from the brochures I have read so far Is the right and official vaccination scheme I created below for my baby ? Would you write if there are deficiencies or mistakes? In the meantime, vaccines should be synchronized, if not, there should be at least 3-4 weeks, right?

The answer to this question is as follows;

  1. At birth: Hepatitis-B 1st dose
  2. 1st month: Hepatitis-B 2nd dose
  3. 2. month: Mixed 1.dose-BCG -Rotavirus (1.dose)
  4. 3rd month: Prevenar
  5. 4th month: Mixed 2nd dose – Rotavirus 2nd dose
  6. 5th month: Prevenar
  7. 6.month: Mixed 3.dose-Hepatitis-B 3.dose
  8. 7. month: Prevenar
  9. Month 8: –
  10. Month 9: –
  11. 10 months: –
  12. 11. month: –
  13. 12th month: NCC
  14. 13th month: Hepatitis-A 1st dose
  15. 14th month: Prevenar 4th dose
  16. 15th month: Chickenpox
  17. 18th month: Mixed Rapel of 5
  18. 19th month: Hepatitis-A 2nd dose
  19. 4-5 years: KKK2 (Rapel)
  20. Age 6: Chickenpox 2
  21. Primary school 1st and 5th grade: BCG (booster)


Exp. Come on GEYLAN’s answer: Hi, congratulations to you, you have prepared a very beautiful painting .. All right. Only repetition of karma between 4-6 years is recommended.

Question: Hello. When my son was 9 months old we went to the private hospital and the doctor said the rotarix vaccine had not been vaccinated and he did. As far as I’m investigating, it doesn’t mean anything after six months. Is that true? If it’s true, there’s another one, and I’m not gonna make it.


Reply by: Exp. Hadi GEYLAN’s answer: Rotarix vaccine, the company should be given at the latest 4 months and 8 months after the proposed is not recommended. Both the effectiveness decreases and the potential for side effects increases with age.

Child immunization table reported by Pediatrician Mehmet Fatih Mert:

    1. When the baby is born: Hepatitis B 1st Dose

Month 1: Hepatitis B 2nd Dose

    1. Month 2: 5-mixed vaccine (Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Whooping-Inactivated Polio-HIB) 1. Dose
    2. Month 3: BCG (Tuberculosis vaccine)
    3. 4. Month: 5-dose mixed vaccine 2. Dose
    4. 6. Month: 5-dose mixed vaccine 3rd dose + Hepatitis B 3rd dose
    5. Month 12: Triple mixed vaccine (Measles, Rubella, Mumps) + Hepatitis A vaccine 1st dose

15th Month: Chickenpox vaccine (Varicella)

  1. Month 18: 5-dose mixed vaccine 4th dose + Hepatitis A vaccine 2nd dose
  2. 4-6 years: 4-dose mixed vaccine 1. Dose (Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular pertussis, inactivated polio vaccine) + 3-dose mixed vaccine 2. Dose

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