9 risk factors leading to arteriosclerosis

University of Health Sciences Sultan Abdülhamid Han Education Research Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzun stated that the main factors that cause vascular stiffness are hypertension, diabetes, smoking, high blood cholesterol, especially cholesterol, heart disease in the family, excessive weight, sedentary life and stress. ” said.

Professor Dr. Long, in his statement, should the need death in adults in Turkey are the most important cause of hospitalization for heart and vascular diseases, he said.

Previously, Long, describing the most important cause of heart disease is rheumatic heart disease, but with the improvement of health conditions in Turkey, he said that state-dependent decrease in heart disease. Professor Dr. He said that the most important cause of heart disease today is the obstruction of the vessels that feed the heart.

He added that the long, occlusive process started with an abnormality called atherosclerosis, also called vascular stiffness, and continued as follows:

“When the stiffness of the vessel is inside the vessel wall, it progresses over time and grows into the vein and becomes obstructed. Sometimes there is cracking or tearing on the surface of the vein wall or when it grows slightly into the vein, which causes the clotting mechanisms in the blood to form a clot in that area and a sudden occlusion of the vein. The gradual growth of vascular stiffness may not produce symptoms, and when it does, it is manifested by chest pain, which we call angina. Sudden blockage of the vein with the clot leads to a heart attack. In this case, the heart muscle is damaged. For this reason, it is important to identify heart patients without a heart attack. Even more important is the prevention of heart disease by reducing the causes of vascular stiffness. ”

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Mehmet Uzun stated that interventions for vascular stiffness have an important place in the prevention of heart diseases.


Uzun emphasized that the procedures to prevent the formation and progression of vascular stiffness are the same and that the factors that cause or accelerate this should be reduced to the minimum possible level.


“The main risk factors leading to vascular stiffness are hypertension, diabetes, smoking, high blood cholesterol, especially cholesterol, family heart disease, excessive weight, sedentary life and stress. All of these are interchangeable, except for having heart disease in the family. Healthy lifestyle changes to prevent heart diseases are not only valid for heart disease, but also for the prevention of many diseases, especially cancer. For a healthy lifestyle, people should exercise regularly and exercise, stay away from smoking, hookah and similar tobacco habits, eat a balanced diet and stay away from stress. People should pay attention to their blood pressure to prevent heart disease. It is desirable that large blood pressure is below 13 and small blood pressure below 9. If it cannot be reduced to these levels with a healthy lifestyle, drug therapy is recommended to control blood pressure. ”

Pointing out that another issue to be considered is blood sugars, he noted that early diagnosis of diabetes is very important for the prevention of future heart diseases.

Stating that controlling blood fats, especially cholesterol, is also important for preventing vascular stiffness, Uzun said, “It is also important to prevent this from tearing and causing clots in people with vascular stiffness. The counted measures are also helpful in this regard. In addition, the greatest help in this regard are aspirin and similar drugs. These drugs are inconvenient to use in some people due to their bleeding-enhancing effects. Therefore, it should not be started without recommending a physician. ”He said.


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