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There is a proven fact; the universe is all about energy. According to this rule, energy is the prime power that determines the direction of every course. Number sequences, on the other hand, are one of the subjects that are claimed to have a “normalizing” aspect and that has been highly curious in recent years, with the inclusion of vibrations that interact with this phenomenon along with energy.

While popular topics, which have the meaning of ‘spirit’ in Latin and are titled as ‘spiritual’, are increasing day by day, we see an increase in the number of question marks regarding such topics. One of the question marks that arise is the debate about number sequences. Because while some people claim that this is a deceptive practice, another section who is interested in the subject and explains that they believe in the process, gives an example of the thousands of years old relationship between humanity and numbers, claiming that the method works.

Before going to the details of the number stages,Let us point out that you can take a look at our content on “meanings of numbers” here.

What are number sequences?


TDK, which refers to the word sequence alone, explains “Everything that goes consecutively in a certain period of time, series”. Number sequences form a sequence in this sense and are summarized as ‘healing with numbers’. So where did these number sequences come from and what exactly do they do? Don’t worry, they all have answers.

Announced to the world by Russian mathematician Grabovoy

Sequences of numbers

It is said that this method, which was announced by the Russian mathematician Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy (Grigory Grabovoi), distributed ‘healing by numbers’. The practitioners of this method and method, which started to spread in Europe after Russia, were initially met with reaction. While those reactions seem to have softened much more today, it is not surprising that there are still two poles opposing each other.

The mathematician, who has written a very thick book, makes very striking arguments about the many numbers he includes in his book. According to Grabovoi, as each digit has a vibration, every variation that comes together radiates energy about a different subject. The deterioration of the vibrations of the cells causes the “normalization” that makes human health possible to dissolve. So, disease is actually caused by the distortion of the vibrations of the cells. Hence, this theory has the appropriate prescription (sequences corresponding to the disease) for any disease a person encounters. If this prescription is applied, the brain, body, cells will be able to recover, normalize again and recovery will be seen.

Are number sequences used only for physical health?

Sequence of numbers

Let’s answer in the shortest way; no! Practitioners who adopt the theory and teach about the process agree on this. In other words, by putting together the appropriate numbers and reading or saying them, you can improve your economic situation, attract the soulmate you are looking for into your life, adapt yourself to the present moment or the future, become a property owner, and even create suitable conditions for experiencing miracles with the help of your mind.

Both theory and practitioner coaches insist on these claims.

Golden rules for number sequences: Intention, sincerity, and repetition


Before giving examples of number sequences, let’s touch on the most important tricks in the application of this method.

There are 3 important rules for these numbers to sound good. These; intention, sincerity and number of repetitions. When reading or saying numbers, the intention must be clear. To put it more clearly, it is necessary to avoid emotions that contain negative energy such as anger, envy, hatred, and thoughts of revenge. The other important rule is sincerity, about believing. With a clear intention, you will be able to achieve a positive result if you sincerely believe that the numbers you read will lead you to your goal.

Reading the numbers as separate numbers is another point to consider. For example, the proposed sequence for lung cancer is 4541589. You cannot read this number as “four million five hundred forty one thousand one hundred fifty-nine”. It should be read numerically. Namely, “four, five, four, one, five, eight, nine”.

Pause is required in sections separated by a hyphen


In some sequences, grouping is important. For example, reading the sequence ‘1888711 -1899911’, which is stated to be the sequence of conceiving, can be repeated by reading the numbers one by one, again in the above format. However, in such groups, it is important to wait for a short time (as much as a breath) after each dash (-) sign.

How many times should sequences of numbers be read and said?


There is no number of it actually. Read or say a thousand times if you want. The most important key point here is “sincerity-believing”.

You can also write the sequences you want on small papers and carry them with you. Thus, every time you encounter numbers, you send one more message to the universe.

Here are some of those sequences that are claimed to be healing:

Number sequences

Allergy 45143212

Alzheimer 481854383

Anemia 48543212

Abscess 518231415

Asthma Bronchial 58145428

Atopic Dermatitis 5484215

Leg Pain (Right) 4812531

Leg Pain (Left) 485148291

Intestine 1485458

Headache 4818543

Being able to put the baby to sleep 514248538

Physical Regeneration 2213445

Lumbar Hernia 498217218227

Brain Tumors 5451214

Length Extension 51482147981

Kidney Stone 5432143

Sexual Instability 8851464

Sexual Issues 1456891

My Chakras are in Balance 88889888878888

Toothache 1488514

Teething (In Babies) 5182544

Diabetes Diabetes 881997 (Mellitus)

Diabetes Sugar Free Diabetes 4818888 (Insipidus)

Eczema 548132151

Epilepsy 1484855

Preterm Birth Risk 1284321

Stroke: 51843213 (Concussion Trauma)

Fibromyalgia: 214 318 314 818

Fistula: 5189421

General Gynecology: 18543212

Food poisoning 5184231

Eye Diseases 18911014

Memory Boost 5893240

Getting Pregnant 1888711 -1899911

Animal Health 555 142 198 110

Hypertension 8145432 (high blood pressure)

Hypotension – 8143546 (Low Blood Pressure)

Hormone Balance 38649129871

Ideal Weight 4812412

Milk production in women 48 123 147

Anemia 148542139 Heart Health 8421432

Heart Failure 1257814

Infertility 9918755

Colitis ulcerative 48143211

The Number of Health in Dogs 8941898

Cramp 51245424

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases 1851432

Mastitis 514854238

Migraine 4831421

Shrinking of myoma 51843216

MS Disease 51843218

Autism 428 516 319017

Panic attack 489314-81967

Cerebral Palsy 4818521

Warts 5148521

Sinusitis 5814325

Cystitis 48543211

Healing 3396815

Schizophrenia 1858541

Thalassemia 7765437

For cancer types:

Lung cancer 4541589

Colon Cancer 5821435

Bone cancer 1234589

Breast Cancer 5432189

Stomach Cancer 8912534

Leukemia 5481347

Pancreatic Cancer 8125891

Prostate Cancer 4321890

Ovarian Cancer 4851923

Number sequences for those who want to show economic development:

Number sequences

Emergency cash code 520

Adjustment codes 318-798, 714 273 218 93, 520 741 741 741 889 8, 199621147

And some other numeric sequences:

Number Sequences

Family Integration: 28555901

Golden Rule (Marriage – Work): 591.718

Love and marriage 48040305, 548, 938, 5294361, 888.912.818848,

Bioenergy: 918714

Opening blockages 91688

Courage: 598061 – 291319

Depression (Manic) 514218857

Number of resistors 9 1 6 8 8

Gratitude to the universe 5148123

Home buy number sequence: 4194817881

Getting quick results 495291151

Miracle 777

Property acquisition number sequence: 189472194898

Quitting smoking 1414551

Forgetfulness 534248538

Ideal weight 4812 412

Laziness 318 – 41791844

Stability 498 – 518 – 498

Responsibility: 517 – 31481911

Spiritual Regeneration: 12370744

As a bonus; Where is Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy now?


As the debate continues about whether number sequences are correct, we would like to mention a few issues that are worth noting. Turkey also began to open that expresses personal development courses and training centers give this sense, as in the US and Europe in recent years many points. However, it is known that many people work individually as a life coach. A brief study of the Russian mathematician Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy, who was the creator of the theory, apart from the center and life coaches, will reveal that he was tried and sentenced to 11 years in prison in his country of Russia for fraud charges. According to the allegations, the Russian leader Viladimir Putin himself ordered the arrest.

Beslan Massacre on September 1, 2004 is the basis of the fraud accusation. Again, according to those allegations, our mathematician promised that after this massacre, in which more than 330 people, most of them students, lost their lives, they could contact the families of the children who died and ‘raise the children in exchange for money’.

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