Accelerate your metabolism with Guarana

In this way, guarana has become one of the products in the diets of people with the benefits of accelerating metabolism and creating a detox effect, apart from the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. Guarana, grown in Brazil, is actually one of the almost essential ingredients of many non-alcoholic energy drinks, coffees and weight loss aids. With guarana, which is used in many fields in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, your energy increases, your metabolism is revitalized, and you can support liver detox. In particular, it is only a few of the known facts about guarana that it positively affects your mental performance with the high amount of caffeine it contains. Merve Altay, Specialist Dietitian from the Jineart Clinic Nutrition and Diet Department, has also included the positive effect of guarana on slimming for a while in her own diet programs.
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Nutritionist Merve Altay, “Clinical studies have shown that the consumption of guarana causes a change in lipid metabolism thanks to the methylxanthin in its content, the change in lipid metabolism is a situation that directly increases the fat burning process.” says and adds “The use of Guarana in daily recommended doses offers many positive effects in individuals. For example, researches have demonstrated the liver protective effects of guarana due to the amount of caffeine it contains. On the other hand, this fruit seed improves cognitive functions, fatigue and depression. Considering the general health status of individuals, including guarana among daily nutritional supplements can create a complicated benefit in many aspects. ” says. Containing fifty milligrams of caffeine in a gram, guarana brings with it some criteria that need attention. Even though the benefits it provides create great excitement for this plant, especially people with hypertension should definitely consult their doctor before using guarana.


10 things we need to know about Guarana

1. Stimulates the central nervous system, such as caffeine.

2. Guarana, which has a high content of polyphenols, has antioxidant and antibacterial effects.

3. It improves cognitive efficacy and supports weight balancing.

4. It has many physiological effects including the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system.

5. It has a edema throwing effect.

6. It stimulates fat burning and prevents fat accumulation in the body.

7. It reduces fatigue and increases energy.

8. It supports the improvement of appetite mechanism and mood.

9. Guarana, which is effective on cardiovascular diseases, especially helps triglyceride fall.

10. It reduces oxidative stress and reduces inflammation in the body with its anti-inflammatory effect.

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