Always keep your humor and humor alive

Life is hard even as it often is. Many of us work, we stress all day long. After the work hour is over, this is the evening shift. What will be eaten at home, laundry will be washed in the evening, will guests come? Apart from our family life, there are many factors that negatively affect our life and make us unhappy. What can we do to avoid getting stuck with these negativities?


There is no time for a lot of work to be rested or relaxed even on a routine evening. If you are not a housewife, then the whole burden of the house is on you. It works the same over and over again. Clear, pack up, but you looked again scattered again. Not only home but of course service and attention waiting. At the same time, if you are a parent, the child’s homework, needs, bathroom, etc. Meanwhile, your brother, your family, your friends are also waiting for your attention.

We have responsibilities brought by many different roles in life, and we can all be exposed to negative influences most of the time, even if everything goes well in our own lives. It can make us unhappy to hear that our friend is unhappy when we open the news, what we watch, what we read in the newspaper, or in a phone conversation.

Despite all this, it is difficult enough to stay happy, and some individuals may feel more sad because they are stuck in the past. There are so many individuals who are unhappy with the past discussions, childhood traumas, or the fact that the family did not feel so prejudiced and marry their children when they first met them while they were getting along with their parents.

However, if we were already sad enough about the things that made us unhappy in the past, why still worrying about the same thing today? What we were upset about in the past was the return of the situation, but if we are upset today about something that happened in the past, it is now our choice. It should not be forgotten. For these reasons, it is very important for couples to have fun together. Because having fun together creates loyalty. It gives hope. Sharings increase and our ability to withstand challenges improves.


 Care should be taken to remember the joy and fun of flirting time and to maintain harmony at that time. Couples, who do not lose their sense of humor and fun, always cope with difficulties more easily.

Yeşim Varol

Relationship and Marriage Counselor

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