Are those who use Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Spf 30 Cream satisfied?

What we need most in the summer is sunscreens. If you want to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and also delay the signs of aging, you can use the Lift + Sunscreen Spf 30 Cream of the brand Diadermine, which we have heard recently. So how to use Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Spf 30 Cream? What is the price of Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Spf 30 Cream? Are those who use Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Spf 30 Cream satisfied? You can browse our article to find out.

Whether we are in the city or on holiday in the summer, it is very important to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun. It is a known fact that sun rays damage the skin and this situation is responsible for 80% of visible skin aging. Harmful ultraviolet rays (especially UVA) cause premature deep wrinkles, sagging skin and cell damage resulting in age spots. Diadermine, the famous skin care brand with more than 110 years of dermatology expertise, launched Lift + Sunscreen Cream so that you can safely enjoy the sun. Firming Effect and UVA / UVB Protection Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Cream combines 2 powerful effects against aging.


Powerful Pro-collagen content for long-lasting elasticity and firmness, which helps increase collagen density and skin firmness by supporting collagen production, this cream enriched with anti-aging SPF 30 complex provides 98% protection against UV rays and prevents premature aging. Infrared Technology also protects the skin against serious cell damage and aging.

Diadermine Lift + Sunscreen Cream reduces wrinkles by protecting and moisturizing the skin while ensuring its tightening. It is recommended to apply the product after cleaning your skin with Diadermine. You can also use it with LIFT + NUTRITION Night Cream to complete your beauty routine. Suitable for oily, normal and dry skin, the product also draws attention with its easily absorbed and refreshing texture.


The product, which you can use from the age of 25, has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for use on sensitive skin and this has been approved by the “ECARF” (European Allergy Research Foundation).


Apply to your skin, face and neck, cleaned with suitable products.

You can use it under makeup. There is no harm in applying makeup on the cream, which is absorbed quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin surface. Diadermine sunscreen cream is appreciated for its ideal formula for those with loss of elasticity on their skin. It is recommended to apply 20 minutes before going out in the sun to provide full protection.



The shelf price of this cream, which is a very important product for protecting, nourishing, moisturizing, repairing your skin with products that are suitable for your age and skin type, has a young, healthy looking skin, is 59.90 TL.

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