Attacks on the Binance Network Never End: Another DeFi Platform Has Been Attacked By Flash Loan

When hacking and scams are added to the general decline in the cryptocurrency market, the loss of crypto investors is much greater.

Binance Smart Chain The rapidly growing ecosystem in its network pays the penalty for such rapid growth with the deficit in the codes. Most of the crypto money projects in the BSC network Ethereum It can also be seen from the code repositories on GitHub that it is a copy of the projects on its network. This is causing the attacks that occurred in the Ethereum network a short time ago to now occur in the BSC network.

BogTools Attacked by Flash Loan

BSC network based BogTools it became the most recent platform to be hacked. The BogTools team stated that they were aware of the flash loan attack against BOG and that studies were carried out. Explaining that this study also hurt them, the platform stated that they believed they prevented other attacks to withdraw liquidity.

In the annotation made by the team, it was stated that an attack was made against the staking function of the BOG token. For this reason, the team, which disabled the transaction fees, stated that the attack will not be repeated at the moment. It is stated that the attacker managed to withdraw $ 500,000 of liquidity.

Recently, PancakeBunny suffered a similar attack and lost millions of dollars.

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