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Attention to neuropathic pain


Summer is here. However, it brought along unique problems as well as their beauty. One of them is neuropathic pain, which can be mistaken for …

Attention to neuropathic pain

Summer is here. However, it brought along unique problems as well as their beauty. One of them is neuropathic pain, which can be mistaken for ordinary pain.

Professor Dr. Necdet Karlı, pointing out the increasing complaints with the summer heat, “Patients who frequently experience symptoms such as burning, pricking, chilling, freezing and tingling should consult a specialist.” says.

Different from normal pain

Explaining that neuropathic pain differs from normal pain. Dr. Necdet Karlı, “These are different types of pain arising from the nervous system, that is, from our nerves in the arms and legs, or diseases in our organs such as the spinal cord, brain, or cerebellum. he says.

Stating that this type of pain is caused mostly by diabetes, diabetes, nerve damage caused by diabetes. Dr. Profitable, notes that about 40 percent of diabetics experience neuropathic pain. Necdet Karlı states that this situation disturbs the patients even more in the summer and underlines that the rising air temperatures decrease the patients’ resistance to burning sensation. Professor Dr. Profitable says:

“The feeling of burning in patients with neuropathic pain increases especially at night. And in this case, patients try to reduce their pain with applications such as putting their feet in ice water, sleeping with cold water bags. However, these solutions are generally not successful. A group of patients also Unfortunately, ordinary painkillers are not effective in neuropathic pain because the mechanism of occurrence is completely different because neuropathic pain is damaged in nervous system. Therefore, special drugs to affect this mechanism should be used. Therefore, our patients with neuropathic pain should consult neurologists and learn the drugs that are the most appropriate treatment option for them. ”

Improves with treatment

Noting that the drugs can significantly reduce neuropathic pain, but most of all, the burning sensation, Karlı states that the patients will be comfortable and get a quality sleep pattern especially in summer.

Emphasizing the importance of the summer season, when the air temperatures rise significantly in July and August. Dr. Snowy, “The heat decreases the patients’ resistance to pain. As a result of the neuropathic pain character, it increases at night. In the summer, with the increasing temperature, the sleep disorders that are caused by the neuropathic pain are added. When they wake up in the morning, they feel as if they have never slept all night. With the treatment, both the complaints of neuropathic pain are reduced and the sleep pattern improves significantly. ” he says.

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