Attention to these symptoms during pregnancy! Ways to guess the sex of the baby. . .

Estimating the sex of the baby in the womb during pregnancy is common today, but some methods are superstitions from the past to the present. So, is there a way to predict the correct gender? Does the weight gained during pregnancy affect the sex of the baby? What are the fun ways to guess the baby’s gender? Fun ways to estimate the sex of the baby during pregnancy. . .

The subject that excites the mother and father candidates the most at the beginning of the pregnancy period; whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. Some signs that are not proven correct but are known to be true in daily life have been suggested from past to present and accordingly, the gender of the baby has been estimated. Especially expectant mothers who have had their pregnancy experience before, they like to make their gender predictions for their new babies that will be born based on their experience. Model: Pregnant women with a pointed stomach forward can predict that their baby will be a boy. Although the reasons are not known exactly, the essence of the matter is that male expectant mothers are more likely to gain weight. The weight gained is mostly gathered around the stomach and the belly looks more pointed. So what symptoms indicate what is in the sex of the baby? How to estimate the sex of the baby? Symptoms of the sex of the baby. . .



According to studies, the probability of expectant mothers who gained more than 11 kilos during pregnancy is more than 50%. If the pregnant woman gained 18 kilos, the ratio is 52.5% and if she gained 27 kilos, the probability is 54%. Doctors explain that the metabolism of male embryos and fetuses works faster and needs more calories, although the cause is not known for certain.

As a result, expectant mothers who expect their baby to be male can gain excess weight. However, this does not mean that gaining more weight on purpose will have a baby boy. For this reason, do not do objectionable work to have a boy and do not try to gain weight on your own.



1- If you have a pointed abdomen
2- If there is no morning sickness in early pregnancy
3- If the nipples get darker early
4- If the baby is moving down
5- If the demand for salty or sour foods is increasing
6- If your hands are drying
7- If the hairs on the legs grow faster
8- If pregnancy has added beauty
9- If urine color is light yellow
10- If the wedding ring hangs round on your belly with a rope, the baby may be a boy.


1- If weight is gained from the hip with the hip
2- If the left breast is larger than the right breast
3- If the baby is being carried above
4- If the abdomen is not a pointed watermelon shape
5- If you crave dessert
6- If the pimples come out
7- If urine color is dark
8- If the breasts are enlarged
9- If you want fruit
10- If your wedding ring hangs on your stomach with a rope, it can be a baby girl.

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