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B17 Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Found?

B17 Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Found?

Vitamin B17, also known as laetrile or amygdalin, is not a vitamin, it is a glycoside and is found in vegetables and vegetables. Although it was on sale under the name of B17, no diseases associated with vitamin B17 deficiency were noted.

b17 The inside of the fruit seeds containing

Vitamin b17 is found in fruit core rather than fruit. In apple, peach, cherry, plum and prune seed, vitamin B17 is present in 2 – 3%. This rate is 6% in the bitter apricot kernel and 2% in the almond core. Apricot kernels and apple kernels contain about 500 mg of B17 in 100 grams.

mulberry containing b17

Many types of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, contain (Leave empty)vitamin(Leave empty) B17. A serving of gooseberry, strawberry, raspberry, and elderberry are 500 mg of vitamin B17.

Cabbage and green leafy vegetables

Lalahana, about 100 mg of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, contains about 100 mg of vitamin B17.

  1. Low = 100 grams less than 100mgs
  2. Medium = 100 grams more than 100 mgs
  3. List of foods containing more than 500 mgs of b-17 vitamins at high = 100 grams

b17 containing fruits

  1. Wild Berry High
  2. Wild cherry high
  3. Wild wild apple high
  4. Quince medium
  5. Mulberry medium
  6. Quince medium
  7. Red currant

b17 containing fruit core inserts

  1. apple seed high
  2. apricot kernel high
  3. cherry seed high
  4. nectarine seed high
  5. peach seed high
  6. pear seed high
  7. plum seed high

Vegetables containing b17

  1. alfalfa high
  2. eucalyptus high
  3. spinach low
  4. low watercress
  5. sweet potato low
  6. potatoes low
  7. vitamin b17


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