Baby Shampoo Tips and Advice

Baby shampoo types differs according to its features. It is necessary to make sure that there are no synthetic or chemical substances in baby shampoos that are specially produced for the sensitive bodies of babies.

Natural shampoo for babies

The choice of prevents the baby skin, which is susceptible to any allergic risk, from being damaged.

Mothers who do not want to buy shampoos ready, natural shampoo recipes

By following , they can produce the most natural and beautiful baby shampoo at home.

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  • Dalin Shampoo is Recommended for Babies
  • Mustela Shampoo Recommended For Babies
  • Other Shampoos For Babies
  • How To Make Natural Shampoo At Home?
  • What Features Should Baby Shampoo Have?
  • Natural Baby Shampoo Recipe at Home
    • Required Materials;
    • How to Make Baby Shampoo at Home?
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Dalin Shampoo is Recommended for Babies

Dalin baby shampoo; It is among the most known and used baby products. Dalin shampoo features are as follows:

  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Does not contain sulfate
  • Does not contain synthetic material
  • Does not burn
  • Its smell is beautiful
  • Does not contain paint
  • Doesn’t stiffen babies’ hair
  • Free of allergenic substances
  • No SLS soap inside

Mustela Shampoo Recommended For Babies

Mustela baby shampoo; it consists entirely of herbal ingredients. Especially recommended for babies with different and sensitive skin types. Mustela baby shampoo

The properties of are as follows:

  • Provides easy combing of hair,
  • Can be used from newborn,
  • Consists of herbal products,
  • Does not contain any chemicals,
  • Does not contain paraben,
  • Does not contain perfume,
  • Does not burn,
  • It is suitable for babies with normal skin as well as babies with sensitive and allergen skin type.
blank natural baby shampoo

Other Shampoos For Babies

Baby shampoo recommendations

The names of other products in are as follows:

  • Bübchen baby shampoo
  • Bioderma baby shampoo
  • Uni Baby baby shampoo
  • Sebamed baby shampoo
  • Chicco baby shampoo
  • Johnson’s Baby baby shampoo
  • Nivea baby shampoo
  • Komili baby shampoo

How To Make Natural Shampoo At Home?

Making shampoos at home is very important for babies’ sensitive skin not to contact any chemicals and to prevent allergic reactions.

Chemical shampoos

If n is used, there is a risk of damage to the baby skin, which is more sensitive than anything else, natural shampoo should be preferred.

What Features Should Baby Shampoo Have?

Content of baby shampoos should not contain any chemicals. In order to protect the skin health of babies, the properties that shampoo should have are listed as follows:

  • It should not contain paraben,
  • Should not contain synthetic materials,
  • Should not contain chemicals,
  • It should not contain perfume,
  • Should not contain sulfate,
  • It should not burn eyes,
  • It should not contain allergens,
  • should not contain coloring matter,
  • Should be suitable for sensitive baby skin,
  • It should soften the baby’s hair,

Natural Baby Shampoo Recipe at Home

Making baby shampoo at home

Thanks to , it is possible to keep chemical materials away from babies.

Natural shampoos, which can be prepared in many varieties, not only protect babies’ skin health, but also make their hair and skin healthier. Consisting of completely natural materials natural shampoo recipe and its preparation is as follows:

blank how to make baby shampoo at home

Required Materials;

  • 1 cup of drinking water
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • 1 cup of grated natural olive oil soap
  • Half a teaspoon of almond oil
  • Optionally, a few drops of lavender oil

How To Make A Baby Shampoo At Home?

  • All specified materials are put in a clean glass bottle,
  • All ingredients are shaken well,
  • It is used in sufficient quantity during washing of babies.

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