Be the best, not the best


Have a root family.

Have your friends, your environment.

But the main thing is your family.

The main thing is your happiness at home.

Happiness is not established on anyone else.

Happiness and value are not provided upon someone else’s satisfaction.


He does not care about anyone, real and sincere, who does not care about his family.

If you are a lamb in the eyes of the elim and a wolf in the house, you will be the elementary slave.

Others always lead you.

Be neither lamb nor wolf.

Be yourself.

And most importantly, build your life with people who will look at you in the future, always with you.


Be the best of your home first. The house is good, it is not bad outside either …

Those who are not happy at home can never be at hand…

Serhat Foreign

Family – Marriage Counselor

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