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Benefits of Rose Water to Skin The natural beauty source of women for centuries rose wateris an assistant that women who do not prefer to use cosmetic products are now fond of and keep in front of the make-up mirror. Thanks to the distillation of rose petals with water, pure rose water obtained. Since some rose waters in the market are made with essence only, they do not serve any purpose other than fragrance. When you use it, it does not provide any benefit to your skin. For this, you should make sure that the rose water you buy is pure.

What Are The Benefits Of Rose Water To The Skin?

Versatile and a must have in every home rose water It is a very good wound cleanser and bactericidal. It can be used safely for eczema and skin irritations. It destroys bacteria and oil formations, especially on skin with acne. It provides the subcutaneous balance that produces abnormally oil so that the pimples are reduced and disappeared .. Makes the skin smoother. It is an indispensable product for oily skin and performs the shine and purification process. It provides the moisture balance of the face and changes it from oily skin to normal skin condition.It both opens and disinfects the pores blocked by airborne dirt all day long. Thus, it prevents the formation of black spots. Contrary to those who say they also do this as a tonic, cosmetic tonics only compress the pores. In other words, it does not disinfect the dirt and bacteria in the pore. That’s why, using rose water, you do both the pore tightening and deep cleansing of the skin in one go.

You can use rose water in every moment of your life.

It picks up the rash on the skin caused by either sunburn or itching. It also makes the rashes caused by acne compatible with the skin. It gives an energetic look as well as giving shine to tired and dull skin. While you feel refreshed with its scent, when you use it while cleaning your face while you lie down, it allows you to sleep all night without a hole. It also adds a final rinse to your washing machine, allowing you to start the day energetic by sleeping in pleasant scents at night. It helps those who have sensitive skin structure to regenerate easily destroyed skin structures. Thanks to its antioxidant feature, it protects the skin itself from external factors by removing harmful substances from the skin.

Women who use it for the beauty of their skin without disruption over the years see the effects of aging less. It prevents wrinkles and sagging, which is proof that it maintains skin elasticity. In addition to creating the moisture balance, it keeps the pH of the skin at the level of 5.5, which is the acidity and alkalinity degree of the skin, and gives a healthy appearance from the inside and outside. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that the antiseptic solution feature that can be used easily even in baby skins. You can even mix them with babies’ bath water and create a protective shield for their relaxing effect and skin.

Health with Rose Water

You can use the blood circulation accelerating effect of rose water that you cooled in the refrigerator to revitalize your face in the mornings, and you can observe that cellulite disappears with regular use for a few months in the areas where you suffer from cellulite. Thanks to its natural moisturizing feature, it makes the hair extra soft when you use it in the final rinse water, and you do not need to use a conditioner. In addition, it strengthens the hair and helps to stop the spills and to grow healthy. 1-2 glasses of rose water that you put in the bathtub in which you take a bath can be your natural and permanent perfume.

It also contributes to your budget in terms of make-up removal products and tonics. A few drops of rose water that you put in your moisturizer will increase the moisture effect as well as ensure that the product works on your skin continuously. On the other hand, when the gentlemen use it instead of lotion at the end of shaving; If there are cuts, it will become indispensable for their healing and cleaning, moisturizing the skin, treating irritations and loving its pleasant smell.

Where Is Rose Water Used?

The effect is a facial cleanser Where is rose water used? and What were the benefits of rose water for the skinTo answer the question;

  • In skin cleansing
  • In makeup removal
  • To prevent irritation and burning after shaving.
  • Using as a tonic

Skin Cleansing With Rose Water

You can make skin care with day water and have a fresh, lively, smooth skin structure. Skin care with rose water or How to make a face care with rose water We will also answer the question.


  • Half a teaspoon of rose water
  • 1 teaspoon of glycerin

Preparation and application:

We mix the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl. We prepared rose water Apply the mixture all over your face, including your neck, with the help of a cotton ball. When this application is made for skin cleansing, it should be applied in the morning or evening before going to bed.

Makeup Cleaning with Rose Water

Whether the make-up we often make during the day, whether it is light or a heavy powdered make-up with foundation, you can easily clean it using rose water. You can also clean the lightly made eye make-up with rose water with a small amount of rose water you can pour on cotton. eye make-upYou can clean your easily.

Makeup removal with rose water When you do, clogged pores are opened. Make-up residues clog the pores in some cases and since cosmetic products are chemicals, there is always a situation of skin damage.

If it is a heavy make-up that you apply to your face and you want to remove it, you can first drop a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton ball and then pour rose water and remove your makeup. You can also use coconut around the eyes. Coconut oil, which has intensive moisturizing properties, will be very good for your eyes.

After Shave Rose Water

You can eliminate these problems by using rose water on your skin that is irritated, burning and blushed after shaving. You can easily use rose water on your face or legs after each shave. Likewise, after waxing, you can pour water into the area where wax is made and clean it.

Using Rose Water as a Tonic

Tonics It is one of the products that is frequently used in skin cleansing and should be found in almost every make-up bag. Clogged pores must be opened by cleaning with tonic. Dirt, dusty environment, oily skin or make-up residues that occur during the day can cause unwanted damage to our skin when not cleaned.

There are many cosmetic products used in skin cleansing. These can cause great damage to the skin in some cases. You can clean the skin with peace of mind with natural and healthy day water. While cleansing the skin with rose water that you can use as a tonic, it is enough to pour a small amount of rose water on a cotton ball and apply it to your face. While the rose water performs its duty in terms of skin cleansing, the scent it leaves on your skin will allow you to have a comfortable sleep.

Recipe for Mask with Rose Water for Dry Skin

Dry skin has an effective moisturizing effect for types rose water mask With the moisture ratio of your skin balanced, you will also have a soft skin.


  • 2 tablespoons of rose water
  • 5 pieces of ground almonds (should be ground as finely as possible)
  • Half a teaspoon of honey

Preparation and Application:

Mix the ingredients listed above in a bowl and try to get as smooth a mixture as possible. Before applying our mask, we clean our skin and apply this mask. After waiting half an hour, it is sufficient to wash with warm water. It is enough to apply it once a week, you will start to see the effect in the first application.

Recipe for Mask with Rose Water for Dry Skin

Dry skin, which is affected by external factors, reacts when they experience any problem and starts to blush or show allergic reactions. With this mask you will apply, your skin will be healthier and will have a moist and smooth appearance.


  • Half tea glass of milk
  • Half a teaspoon of honey
  • 3 tablespoons of rose water
  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal powder

We pour all the above ingredients into a bowl and mix well, then we get our mixture. We apply the mask we obtain to all parts of our face, including our neck. The drying time of this mask on our face is the drying time. It is sufficient to wash your face with warm water after it dries. It is sufficient to apply once a week.

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