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The Most Impressive Most Beautiful Words About Friendship

Our friends and friends are very special to us. So what did wise people say about this? Here, there are short and true words of friendship (friendship words) that will warm you up.

The most beautiful friendship words, the most meaningful friendship words on our page are of the kind that will resonate greatly in every platform, especially Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Facebook. We believe that thanks to these words, you will get a lot of likes and comments, everyone will share your posts on their accounts. So you will become even more popular.

Friendship Quotes

  1. The bad friend is like a blacksmith’s blower. When blown, the sparks of fire do not burn you, but the smell disturbs you. Good friend is like selling fragrance. Even if you do not smell you, you will benefit from its fragrance as long as you are with it (Prophet Muhammed Aleyhisselam)
  2. Let the suffering be as small as a grain of sand, and as much as the rain of April in happiness. If you cry once in life, the room will be happiness.
  3. Make friends with good people. It is better to be alone than to be friends with bad people. George washington
  4. Our best friends are animals; they neither ask questions nor find fault
  5. To be a grain of sand in a huge desert or a drop of water in the ocean, but the most beautiful is to be your friend among millions of people.
  6. Friendship with the bad guys, then without your knowledge, your mood steals evil from their mood. – Magenta (Plato)
  7. Friendship is a strong bond. Does not apply when it needs money, it can last a lifetime.
  8. We call an orphan who has lost his father, and a widow to a man who has lost his wife. But what can one say about someone who has suffered the loss of his friend? No language can express it, no language can describe it.
  9. You can suffer your friend’s sadness. This is easy; But sympathy for the friend’s success requires a solid character. 
  10. How are you, my dear friend, in the loneliness of the lonely times, in the fairytale images of the luminous lands, the love of a little boy’s heart for his mother.
  11. Friendship is like a melon. You ask why? If you poll hundreds of them to find a good one.
  12. When the friend is with him, he is someone you can tell him about all the secrets of his soul that you can look like you really are. You don’t need to protect yourself while you’re with it.
  13. Tell me who are you friends with, let me tell you who you are; If I know what you’re dealing with, I know what happens to you … Goethe
  14. The friend is not jumping from the cliff instead of you, but holding his hand to fall from the cliff. Even if he knows that he will fall, he will never leave his hand.
  15. Distant distances with friends are not important. Even if you are not side by side, you feel your presence.

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