Blend eyelash curing recipe that strengthens sparse lashes, mix olive oil and vitamin E.


Even if you use the most effective mascara on the lashes in the face area, which is a part of the effect of deep gaze, you may not get the desired result if your lashes are weak and sparse. But do not apple. com we have a surprise for you! With 2 materials at home, you can both strengthen your eyelashes and take them out! By combining the power of natural olive oil and vitamin E capsules, you can get a great result. We have put together the most effective recipe for eyelashes at home! You can strengthen and thicken your sparse or spilled cypresses by taking a look at the recipe we brought together at home every night before going to bed!

Discover the Power of Vitamin E and Natural Olive Oil!

materials; Vitamin E capsule, 1 spoon of olive oil will be sufficient.

Construction phase; You can admire the visible result in about a week by breaking the vitamin E capsule into a tiny bowl or into an empty bottle, then pouring olive oil into it and mixing it thoroughly and washing it to your lash bottoms in the morning before going to sleep!

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