Bobbi Brown Makeup Review

Bobbi Brown make-up products are indispensable for professional make-up. Bobbi Brown is a global and prestigious beauty brand that allows women to discover and develop their own beauty. Founded in 1991 by makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the brand offers universally flattering products created with the uncompromising quality and intuitive feel of what every woman wants. The Bobbi Brown brand allows women to feel and look like themselves, but meet their more beautiful and confident self. What makes Bobbi Brown different from other brands is that the makeup looks healthy and natural. The basic principle of the brand, which emerged as a reaction against artificial-looking make-up, is to emphasize the natural beauty of all women….

Bobbi Brown, who founded one of the biggest beauty brands to date, wrote eight books and worked as an environmentalist, has not touched and turned into gold! This year, the make-up artist and name brand celebrates 25 years of success in an ever-changing industry.

Bobbi Brown makeup products, consisting of only $ 5 thousand and a 10 lipstick series, were launched 25 years ago in Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Today, it has around 1,200 products and 242 core products in total.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Products

When the Estee Lauder Company bought Bobbi Brown in 1995, Leonard Lauder told Bobbi, “I want you to keep doing what you do,” and ever since, the brand has been breaking new ground in the makeup world. Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, a product of the Bobbi Brown brand, which has 5,200 make-up artists in the world, is sold 2 in the world every 1 minute.

Bobbi Brown Foundation

Bobbi Brown Foundation

Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation Spf 15, which stands out among the Bobbi Brown make-up products, was introduced with the hashtag #AllDaySmile. The fact that it is the perfect foundation in itself is designed to encourage smiling all day.

According to the brand, it is “a natural matte foundation that looks fresh, breathable, perfects the skin, blends seamlessly with the skin from sunrise to sunset”.

The foundation is formulated through a high speed cold fusion process. This process serves a pigment-rich, lightweight and long-lasting product that provides premium oil control on the skin. Indeed, after applying this foundation, which aims to regulate sebum on the skin, even if you exercise and sweat, the product does not flow.

The ingredients of this foundation to control oil include vitamins E and C for antioxidant boosting and shea butter, mineral oils and cane sugar for hydration. Shea butter made me a little worried as I have combination skin type, but the product did not make my skin shine and it does not have a heavy texture.

Probably the gel texture lightens the texture of the product. This foundation does not rub on the skin very easily, you have to work a bit to spread it. But it definitely covers the skin nicely and makes it smooth.

Another important advantage is the color range of the foundation. With 30 different shades, this product has warm, cool and neutral undertones and looks very natural after you find your own skin tone.

Those with moderately oily skin, requiring greater coverage and longevity than moist bases, and those that do not provide a full camouflage effect can use this product. If you have shea butter, acne and acne-prone skin, the powerful lavender essence in it can irritate your skin. But other than that, dry, sensitive, mixed and oily skin types can use this product.

Bobbi Brown Highlighter

Bobbi Brown Highlighter

This product, which is one of my favorites among Bobbi Brown makeup products, is great! This high impact, reflective and illuminating powder provides shimmery pink highlights to the skin. It is also housed in a stylish mirrored compact box. Suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin.

Formulated with a clear base and pearl pigments that reflect light very well, the Bobbi Brown illuminator creates a natural shine and glow on the skin. Also, the fine and silky powder applies smoothly and evenly to the skin and does not settle into fine lines. Moreover, it is a miracle that it stays on the skin for 8 hours!

Using a thin and powerful makeup brush, you can lightly apply the illuminator on the cheekbones. You can then apply it on your skin and décolleté area wherever you want to add glow.

Bobbi Brown Mascara

Bobbi Brown Mascara

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara is designed for the smoky eye look. I bought this mascara, finished a tube but was not too impressed. This mascara separates the lashes neatly, lengthens them a little and adds volume. But it doesn’t surprise too much. It is absolutely not used for night make-up, but ideal for a natural look during the day… You can easily remove it with make-up cleansing oil.

Its brush is the right size and allows you to easily apply mascara to the eyelashes. It didn’t leave residue on my lashes, it has an intense yet smooth look. It accentuates my lashes but does not create a false lash effect. Therefore, I do not plan to prefer it for night makeup. But I can say that it captivates me with its wet look in daily makeup.

Bobbi Brown Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream is one of my favorite products in Bobbi Brown make-up products… This product is a cream-based moisturizer for normal skin, dry skin and extra dry skin types. This rich and light formula moisturizes, softens, regulates and nourishes instantly throughout the day. Moreover, I have to say that it looks very good under makeup.

The sodium hyaluronate, trehalose and brand’s signature enriched mineral water ingredients make the skin feel smooth and plump as well as visibly fresh and radiant. In addition, the algae extract in the moisturizer moisturizes and regulates the skin, while caffeine provides soothing properties.

You can apply it on a clean skin for a plump and smooth appearance. You can create the perfect canvas for a smooth look and makeup.

This moisturizer comes in a small white box. Around the box, you can read the ingredient list and instructions on how to use it. It is presented in a stylish glass jar with the Bobbi Brown logo on the black lid. The label on the jar looks minimalist. The packaging looks luxurious.

In my experience the cream has a dense texture in volume. In this respect, you can apply it to your entire skin even when you apply it a little. But don’t be intimidated by its heavy texture, it is actually very light. It makes my face feel very smooth and moisturized. It traps moisture in the skin. At first you may smell an intense perfume. It is not a very strong fragrance, but when you apply it for the first time, you definitely sense the smell. But after applying it, it goes away.

This moisturizing cream is an excellent multitasking product. It feels like a makeup base that fills and closes the pores. It looks very good even when you apply foundation or just powder. Since this is a product released by a well-known makeup brand, you should know that this will layer well under the makeup. If you apply the foundation on the moisturizing skin while it is not yet dry, you can get a more moist look.

As a result, this moisturizer is lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin. It keeps the skin moist all day. It is amazing as a makeup base and it creates a very good layer under the makeup. It does not give any negative feelings. A small amount of product is enough to moisturize the skin, thus providing a long-term use.

Yasemi̇n Özi̇lhan X Bobbi Brown

Yasemi̇n Özi̇lhan X Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown Yasemin Özilhan series was introduced last February. The products used by Yasemin Özilhan, attracting attention with her elegant and simple style, were introduced at The Galata Istanbul Hotel – MGallery by Sofitel in Karaköy on Thursday, February 21st.

Crerry Crush lipstick with an assertive color tone from Crushed Liquid Lip series, which completely reflects Yasemin Özilhan’s striking style, creates wonders especially in night make-up. For a natural and simple look, you can use Juicy Date lipstick in pink tones in daily makeup.

Eye Opening Mascara, one of the Bobbi Brown makeup products, has a rich and carbon black formula. This mascara, which lifts the lashes from the root to the tip and makes the eyes larger, adds a more layered and voluminous look to the lashes. Moreover, its effect continues for 8 hours.

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, which has a special place among Bobbi Brown makeup products, has an award-winning and iconic design. Resistant to sweat, water and moisture for 12 hours, this non-flowing eyeliner enhances your style with its wet look.

The Mini Shimmer Brick is designed for comfortable touch-ups. The iconic highligter product is a small and compact version with mirrors, produced in limited numbers. It can be easily carried in the bag and you can have radiant skin even on the go. Brightening powder infused with fine pigments gives the skin a bright and radiant appearance.

Apply the brush in five colors and lightly rub it over the cheekbones, décolleté or anywhere you want to polish. That is all! You are now ready to shine and reflect your light!

Rachel Araz X Bobbi Brown

Rachel Araz X Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown Rachel Araz series was introduced on December 12, 2018. Three products offered in one package are Rachel Araz’s three favorite makeup products named Luxe Matte Lip Color – Tawny Pink, Shimmer Brick – Pink Quartz and Mini Smokey Eye Mascara. What’s more, the sparkling Swarovski Crystal Stardust bracelet is offered as a gift in this stylish package. This special package is offered for sale in cosmetic stores with a price of 500 TL.

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