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While the dizzying pace of developments continues in the medical world, unfortunately breast cancer is still at the top of the list in female deaths. In cases where breast cancer is diagnosed early, favorable treatment results are high.

Making Breast After Breast Cancer

Breast is perceived and accepted as a kind of symbol of femininity in almost all social structures. Breast reconstruction surgeries, which are applied after breast cancer surgeries or removal of the breast as a result of a different disease, are surgeries with very successful results with the new technology introduced by plastic surgery.

Today, if the medical condition of the patient allows, breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as breast removal surgeries. Thus, the person can have a more comfortable process in psychological terms.

It should not be forgotten that breast surgeries are not simple surgeries. In order to make a new breast; silicone prostheses, abdominal tissue and fat grafts can be used.

Depending on the time and process, more than one surgery may be required in breast surgeries. The first surgery is the most difficult. Other operations that may occur in case of need are easier, and if the tissue expander and reconstruction method is chosen, a prosthesis can be removed by removing the tissue expander, or nipple and areola reconstruction can be performed.

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