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Calorie Amount of Plain Pastry with Olive Oil and Dill

Calorie Amount of Plain Pastry with Olive Oil and Dill

In order to sleep more than 10-15 minutes in the morning, most people leave the house without breakfast and prefer to take the donut from the outside and make breakfast when they go to work. Or you can sit in a café and order a cup of tea and have breakfast. In the mornings there is no difference between the students in the morning instead of making breakfast at the canteen, ready to start the day with donut, pretzel or opening. Well, it does not look healthy if we evaluate this situation in terms of health. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Instead of having breakfast with tomato, cucumber, cheese and eggs, consider the effects of starting the day with greasy pastries.

Usually flour, eggs, yeast and liquid oil are used as the main ingredients of pastry. The materials used are very high in calories and contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, it will not shorten the duration of hunger and provide a feeling of fullness. People who are in weight loss or weight loss should definitely not have breakfast with pastries such as pastry, and start the day with a regular and healthy breakfast with plenty of greens, cheese, eggs and olives.

Pastries are usually prepared and served as 50-60 grams in pastry shops. The variety of pastry with potatoes, mince cheese, olives, cheddar, dill is produced and each calorie quantity varies according to the internal mortar. Poğaça is a kind of food made with dough, no matter what type it is. As it is a food with high calories, weight gain is inevitable.

Calamari Types (60gr)

  1. 170 calories with a potato donut
  2. One calorie scones 250 calories
  3. One white cheese donut 190 calories.
  4. 185 calories with a piece of olives
  5. One calamari, 240 calories
  6. One Dill

Diet Dough Recipe


  1. 2 eggs (to be separated on the yolk of one)
  2. 1 cup of yogurt
  3. 3 tablespoons olive oil
  4. 2. 5 cups of whole wheat flour
  5. 1 tbsp baking powder
  6. 2 teaspoons of salt

For Break:

  1. Cheese

Let the egg yogurt and olive oil thoroughly knead then add the flour slowly to the baking soda and salt. Let’s mix the dough with our hands. Let’s put the cheese in it and put the cheese in it. Let’s put the egg yolk on it and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Let’s cook in 180 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes.

What are the Nutritional Values ​​of One Piece of Pastry?

  1. Energy: 150 calories.
  2. Water: 41.6 grams.
  3. Protein: 11.6 grams.
  4. Total oil: 2.2 grams.
  5. Carbohydrate: 34,8 grams
  6. Sugar: 6 grams.
  7. Calcium: 694 mg.
  8. Iron: 4.79 mg.
  9. Phosphorus: 108 mg.
  10. Potassium: 116 mg.
  11. Sodium: 468 mg.

Weight loss and weight loss during the period of those who want to eat donut supplies with small changes in calorie can reduce. Wholemeal flour or oat bran can be used instead of white flour. If milk is used, skim milk should be preferred. Eggs and liquid oil should be used as limited as possible. Instead of greasing the baking tray where the pastry is to be cooked, oil papers should be preferred.

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