Can children fast? Here are all the curiosities!


The sultan of 11 months, Ramadan is a very exciting month for children. The children, who see that the adults around you fast, may also want to fascinate them. So should we let them fast? How old should children be fasting? Does fasting prevent body development? What is a boat fast? How to keep the fast of Tekna? Answers to curious questions such as Elmaelma. The comer.

First of all, keep this in mind. Make sure that children who want to fast do not fast, without breaking their enthusiasm, in a way that does not affect their health. The point we should be careful about here is not to prohibit fasting altogether. Even those fasting elders have been affecting both spiritually and physically negatively recently, where the scorching heat has started to feel good to good. Naturally, I can not stand it, a reaction such as how you will resist. You can stay away from such behavior and make your child fast.


You can tell that children need to eat at noon to complete their body development, they do not spoil fasting in this meal, but they need to be patient all day long because they will be obliged to be aware of fasting worship when they enter puberty.


Of course, the foods to be eaten on sahur are of course very important here. Should never consume silencing heavy frying food in the sahur. Your child needs to eat separately from each food group. In addition, be careful not to consume beisn slow but slow. You should also be careful to drink plenty of fluids.

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