Can flu mothers breastfeed their baby? Flu mothers breastfeeding rules

Can breastfeeding mothers breastfeed their babies? experts made a statement. Here’s what mothers should watch out for when they have the flu. . .

The body gets tired and worn out in conditions such as flu, cold and cold, which increase in seasonal transitions and become more evident day by day. Conditions such as fatigue, runny nose and coughing, seen from hand to foot, are especially seen when passing from autumn to winter. Influenza, which affects every age group and even people at different levels, can become a nightmare, especially for nursing mothers. Mothers who take a break from breastfeeding due to the thought that the disease can pass to the baby through milk fall into a huge mistake about their babies in this sense. Influenza disease in the group of infectious diseases weakens the immune system, while breast milk gives the baby a natural immunity. The reason is that antibodies in milk ensure that the baby is protected against flu. So what should mothers who have flu during breastfeeding do? How does the flu pass in nursing mothers? What are the ways to prevent flu? Can flu mothers breastfeed? Natural remedies for flu in nursing mothers. . .



According to the experts’ explanation, it is more common for the flu disease to be transmitted by airborne droplet or in close contact rather than passing from breast milk to the baby. Breast milk, which the baby needs and contains enough preservatives to provide a full shield, actually protects rather than paving the way for the disease. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers should not stop breastfeeding their babies when they have the flu.


As in daily life, hands should always be clean and washed frequently to protect against microbes. Care should be taken not to give the breath directly to the baby when discomfort, nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing are observed.


Experts say that flu vaccine cannot be given to babies who are not yet six months old, but mothers can get the flu vaccine to prevent the disease.

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