Can the father change the baby girl’s diaper? Father-daughter privacy limits

It is important for our religion to pay attention to the limits of privacy in babies and children and not to touch or look at their vulgar parts when they are old. Are there awrah in babies and children? What are the limits of private? Privacy limits in children according to age ..

According to the commands of our religion; the private parts of women and men are different; It can bring to mind whether babies or children have private zones. In men, the part from the navel to the kneecap, that is, the private parts, should be covered, and in women, the whole body except the face, hands and feet should be covered. Places that are forbidden to look and touch ‘Awret’ It is an important issue in order not to be tempted as it is mentioned as regions. While the boundaries in adult men and women are most generally like this, what are the privacy measures in babies or children? Is it religiously permissible for a father to change or wash a girl’s diaper? You can read and learn the answers to the questions you wonder about this subject from the details of the news in order not to behave unintentionally in daily life.



Seeing private places in babies and children

According to the narration of the theologian Nurettin Yıldız; Children from 0 to 7 years old do not have private. In other words, a person between the ages of 0-7 is regarded as a child or a baby because he is not liable for certain religious situations. The private parts of a boy between the ages of 7-10 are the anterior and posterior organs. These organs are considered as the private parts of the hips and genitals. For girls in the 7-10 age group, the places between the kneecap and the navel are awrah.

After the age of 10, the age of puberty has come, just like us adults, the awrah is in question.

see the private place

When we look at the private size of the children according to their ages, this is not a special situation. This is a special problem if the child looks like a big person despite his young age, or if he understands sexuality or awreth as an adult despite his age. There is no age range in children who are physiologically different. If the child is normal, the above measurements are normal and acceptable.

Some of our scholars do not use the word awret in children between the ages of 0-4 because they consider them as babies.



According to the views of four sects, this situation is divided into 3 groups. While the Malikî madhhab behaves a little more tolerant and lax in this regard, Hanafis and Hanbalis take a tough and rigid attitude. Shafiis, on the other hand, take an extremely harsh attitude.

According to the Hanafi sect; There is no private place for 0-4 years old. It is permissible to touch and look after children in this age range. It is not permissible to touch the private parts of children, but it is permissible.

According to the Maliki sect; There are some differences between boys and girls. Boys between the ages of 0-8 have no private parts. It is permissible for the mother to look at, touch and wash the body of a boy in the 0-8 age group.


It is permissible for a woman to take care of the body of a boy between the ages of 9-10, but it is not permissible to wash it. The decency place of the +13 year old boy is like the place of the man’s decency (awret). There is no decency in girls aged 0-2. However, there is decency in terms of touching.

According to Shafiis; The decency of a little girl is like big women.

According to Hanbalis; There is no decency for boys between the ages of 0-7. It can be looked at and touched. 7-10 years The only place of decency in boys is the front and back limbs. Girls of this age are between the navel and kneecap. 10-year-old boy is like older boys.

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